Defeating Jet Lag

Defeating_Jet_LagEver experienced fatigue, insomnia, angst mixed with woeful nostalgia for that nice holiday in California or Paris you just had a moment ago? You don't want to waste days and, for some, even weeks in this mood trying to adjust back to your old routine so check out our tips to defeat jet lag!

Prior to the Trip

Waste no time being jet-lagged upon reaching your destination. Check out the time difference of the two countries about a couple of weeks before you leave. Every other day, push your sleeping and waking hours a bit nearer to your destination's. Remember, the greater the time difference, the earlier you need to start adjusting your body to this difference.

On the Go

Drink up on the flight even if it is troublesome getting in and out of your seat to the loo. However, avoid alcohol or fizzy drinks. Dehydration is one symptom of jet lag you don't wish to get before you even begin your holiday – having a sore throat and not being able to take in the great foods will definitely dampen your spirits.

Set your watch to the destination time, or add in the country's time clock to your smartphone. Sleep when it is time to according to the destination's timing rather than to your own whims. 

Have light meals rather than heavy ones. Your tummy needs to adjust to the new eating times too. If not done properly, the other troublesome effect of jet lag will set in. Constipation is no good company during a supposedly enjoyable trip.

On the other hand, have a good, healthy breakfast when you awake to the destination's time. Fueling your body signals the day's start and will aid the time adjustment greatly.

Upon Return

Do the same as you would when traveling to the new destination. Stay awake as long as possible till the local sleeping time. If you have to nap, discipline yourself to 20 to 30 minutes at one go. Otherwise, you may find yourself too widely awake during the intended sleeping time.

Melatonin, a hormone will signals bedtime, which could be found in the form of a supplement. Simply pop one when it should be time to sleep (not when you feel like sleeping). However, while many have had great success with Melatonin, it is still a drug and one should consult a doctor before use.

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