Top to Toe Tips for Running

Top_to_Toe_Tips_for_RunningUnsure where to place your arms or how to keep the idle mind busy as you run? Here are some top-to-toe tips for newbie runners.


Start off with a good can-do attitude but be truthful to yourself—stop when it hurts.


It must be boring watching markings on the ground roll by. So, fix your gaze upwards and towards the horizons. While helping you run taller and breathe better, the view helps you get going farther.


Your body needs oxygen fuel and simply breathing from your nose is not enough. Use both your nose and mouth to breath in. Also, make sure to breathe in deeply to prevent stitches.


Plug in your favorite tunes. Music is a great way to keep your tempo while distracting yourself from the fatigue.


Relax, and keep them bent at waist level. Swing them according to the momentum you would like to go.


Between being hungry and being too full, feeling nauseous and vomiting your meal out while running sounds worse. But for long-distance runners, sheer willpower is not enough—energy from food is essential to sustain your body. Instead of starving yourself, have small, non-greasy bites such as a banana or an orange.


Wary of running long distances with all the stories of knee problems seasoned runners have? You need not be. That is, if you keep your strides short and soft. Taking short strides helps levitate the amount of weight places on your knees each time your foot lands, effectively reducing risks of injuries.


Make sure you have the right pair of shoes for the right distance and in the right size. Rather than going for the look of the shoes, try various designs and types for the most comfortable fit.

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