Know your Vitamins

Know_your_VitaminsPopping vitamin pills may seem like an easy solution to what your body might be lacking. But do not waste your money or, more importantly, harm it by buying the wrong supplements. Here's an introduction of some of the common vitamins in the market.

Vitamin C

Although there is no scientific evidence that vitamin C prevents cold, it is widely believed that it could reduce the strength or length of one. The famous vitamin is also often taken for general well-being. It is commonly found in citrusy fruits, strawberries and kiwi.

Vitamin E

Those watchful of their skin complexion would like to take more vitamin E for it protects skin cells from aging and, more importantly, unwanted wrinkles from forming. This vitamin could be easily consumed through nuts, wheat, soybean, sweet potato and greens such as spinach.


Having problems falling asleep? Cramping up too often? Or suffering from high blood pressure? You may be lacking in magnesium then. For this, take food items such as tofu, nuts and seeds to make up for the insufficient.


Unknown to many, zinc is a necessary element for good immunity as well as complexion. Having sufficient of this vitamin also helps heighten your sense of taste and smell, and this could be easily obtained from foods including red meat, seafood, tofu, wholegrains and more.

Fish Oil

Many of us would remember having our parents or grandparents force this down our throats. Now we find out why. Fish oil is said to help boost memory and the brain – a must-have for our exams-centric country. It also helps improve one's mood. Fish oil naturally comes from fish, especially salmon and sardines.

Even after knowing your vitamins and taking them, one should make lifestyle adjustments such as having a good night's sleep, a healthy diet and exercise, to their lives so you may slowly reduce your reliance on supplements. Also, do not self-diagnose but only take vitamins when you are advised by doctors or if you are sure you are in need of them.

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