Fitness Tips for the New Year

Tops on everyone's New Year resolution list almost always includes something related to keeping fit or living a healthy lifestyle. We know because it's on our list too! To help you along, we've included three simple tips that can make a big difference to your lifestyle and your goals.

#1 - Eat Healthily

Yes, this is a no brainer that most people are aware of, but few seldom can stick to! Keeping fit and slimming down depends a lot on what you eat, not just how much you work out. There's no point working out 5 times a week if you gorge yourself on food after every session. The key here is to eat the right foods in moderate amounts.

Ideally, having 5 small meals a day with balanced nutrition will do wonders to your body, but it's not always possible for those of us with a busy lifestyle. At the very least though, try to spread your meals evenly throughout the day - don't skip any meals, especially breakfast! If you're in a rush, gulp a glass of milk or chew on a granola bar, this prevents your body from going into starvation mode and stocking up on the fats. Cut down on heavy meals and stave off the initial hunger with light, healthy snacks such as a celery stick or a cup of soya milk as your body adjusts to your new regime.

#2 - Sleep Well

Sleep is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape. People who are sleep deprived tend to gain weight more easily, feel more tired throughout the day, and have a weaker immune system, among other things. Just falling sick for a week can take away a month's hard work at the gym if you're not careful!

So make sure you get enough rest each day. Adjusting your priorities and sticking to a regular sleep schedule can do wonders for your body. While many of us will find it difficult because of work commitments, there are little things we can do to improve our quality of rest. For example, avoid taking a heavy meal or drinking any caffeinated drinks close to bedtime, as it makes your body more active and less likely to wind down for a good night's rest. Keep distractions such as computers and TVs out of your bedroom, so that you don't find yourself 'accidentally' staying up late unnecessarily.

#3 - Exercise Regularly

While we all know we need to exercise regularly, doing a super intense, 2 hour workout once a week is not considered regular exercise! It is much better to workout 2-3 times a week, even if it is just for 30mins per session, and topping it off with little activities during your daily life. Regular here means frequent exercise, and a busy schedule is seldom ever a good excuse in this case.

Getting exercise is not all that hard really, it's just whether you want to do it. Consider cycling to work each morning instead of taking the crowded MRT, or climbing the flight of stairs up instead of taking the elevator. These are simple ways to get your heart rate going, without having to don gym clothes and pop down to that so-near-yet-oh-so-far gym next door. Of course, going for fitness classes during the course of the week will also contribute greatly to improving your overall fitness and wellbeing. With the wide range of fitness classes these days, there's sure to be something that fits your schedule and goals. Just make sure you pick an activity you enjoy, so that you'll look forward to the classes instead of dreading them!

About the Author: Sam K is a personal defence instructor from Personal Defence Academy, formed to empower others to protect themselves, and share the all-important concept of self-defence with everyone. He believes that self-defence is first and foremost a mindset. With the right mindset, we no longer have to be passive victims but active participants in our own personal safety. To find out more about personal defence, you can visit the Personal Defence Academy website.

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