8 Wine Terms You Should Know

You don't have to be an expert to drink wine, but in the world of business, a little knowledge goes a long way and might make just that little difference in whether you clinch the deal or not. Besides, you may need to select the wines for a company dinner, or host a dinner at a restaurant for clients.

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Japanese restaurant Tampopo, which means dandelion in the native language, is famous for its extensive value-for-money menu of Hokkaido Ramen, Kyushuu Ramen and variations of its Black Pig Tonkatsu.

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Yami Yogurt

Singaporean brand Yami Yogurt, Singapore's first frozen yogurt, also known as fro yo, has been around for decades and now stands up strong to new funky fro yo outlets like Frolick and Yoguru. Freshgrads finds out how the old boy keeps his customers cool.

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Olio Café

One needs a beer. Another wants an ice chendol. And the third is really craving a shot of espresso. With such difficult people to feed, Olio Café is the place for you.

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I'm Full of Crab!

"I'm Full of Crab!" buffet by the SQUARE restaurant, part of the "Flavours of the World" Buffet, is as its name suggests - a sinful free-flow of crabs. On top of other side dishes, diners may order and eat as many chilli crabs, black pepper crabs and garlic butter crabs as they can finish at the SQUARE restaurant. The FreshGrads team seeks to satisfy our carbohydrate cravings there.

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