Old Town White Coffee

With 87 branches just in Malaysia, Old Town White Coffee must be brewing some great coffee and serving up delicious fare for local celebrity comedian Mark Lee to bring the brand into Singapore.

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Wild Honey

Travel the world in twenty breakfasts at Wild Honey! Hidden on the third level of Mandarin Gallery in town is Wild Honey, a sweet all-day breakfast spot for hungry workers and shoppers.

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The Plain

Contrary to its name, The Plain is an awesome breakfast place located on the ground floor of a row of pretty shophouses near Duxton Plain. Hear the birdies chirping in the quiet neighbourhood as you sip your morning cuppa there!

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Sour Sally

Say hello to US premium non-fat frozen yogurt, Sour Sally, which boasts to be 100 per cent fat free.

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Ramen Monster

On a lazy afternoon, we were attracted by the adorable cartoons of ramen monsters by this little shop at the corner of Velocity, Novena Square. We dropped in Ramen Monster without much expectations and, fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised…

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