So Chocolate

So Chocolate located at Changi Airport, donned in bright, cheery colours and well-stocked with cocoa delights of all shapes and sizes, might just be the solution for tourists passing through Singapore and in need of some gifts for friends back home.

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Kungfu Paradise

The latest addition to the Paradise Group of eateries, Kungfu Paradise is a halal restaurant that boasts tasty East-meets-West cuisine that is easy on the wallet.

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Loysel's Toy

Hidden gems are hard to find especially in a country as small as Singapore. Good, unique artisan coffee, needless to say, is even harder to find here. But good news for local coffee lovers, you can now get a peaceful fix at Loystel's Toy, well tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city at 66 Kampong Bugis.

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Eat your greens and eat them happy at SaladStop!. You might be thinking, how difficult can it be to make your own salad? But what you probably don't have, or is worth buying just for one or two salads, is a great mix of fresh and premium ingredients to create your desired salad.

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Organic products are relatively easy to find in Singapore these days. You can always find some products at Cold Storage, NatureFarm and even NTUC FairPrice. But organically cooked food is a rare treat. Shop-cum-cafe Bunalun fills just this gap.

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