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Throughout my six-month stint in Shanghai, I remained a fervent fan of all Happy Lemon franchises despite cheaper alternatives and often found myself wishing one over to Singapore. My wish was granted this year.

Four-year-old bubble tea chain Happy Lemon, which specialises in Lemon-inspired drinks as its name suggests, has recently set up its first branch outside of China and Hong Kong at the basement of Ion.


Don't be surprised by various strange combinations such as its Lemon Mousse Spin series, "Rock salt cheese" series and even a Tea Latte with Pearl Sago and Puff Cream. For the adventurous coffee fiends, you might want to try out interesting coffee concoctions like its Grapefruit Black Coffee and Italian Blood Orange Black Coffee.

I naturally went for my favourite Yakult combination in Shanghai and ordered a Lemon Yakult drink. While some might find it strange, my taste buds are already accustomed to Yakult blended drinks. The tinge of lemon (real bits of the fruit) adds a much needed refreshing take after a heavy meal. Plus, Yakult is supposed to be good for digestion.

My companion had a hot Malt Tea Latte, which came highly recommended by his friend. The drink warmed us freezing people up and proved a delicious though filling option. Definitely one to have when feeling unreasonably hungry before a meal. You may also add pearls, jelly and other strange stuff into your drink.

The Rock Salt Cheese series, while not impressive enough for me to return for more, is not too bad either. I could hardly taste the rock salt despite being convinced by the counter staff that I have to drink from the cup to better savour this drink. I won't give the other choices in the series a try, but if you are going to, give yours a little swirl to taste the cheese bits at the bottom. There are three choices available in the Rock Salt Cheese series: Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese, Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, and Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese (Regular $3.50, Jumbo $4.50).

Prices range from $2.30 to $4.70, in addition the number and type of add-ons you go for.


Happy Lemon has the brightest, cheeriest bubbly tea corporate image as compared to Gong Cha and Koi. Service's fast and friendly. Upon ordering, you will be given a sweet little queue token in the form of the mascot Lemon Girl. I was happy to note that I was served within 10 minutes, a marked improvement from queues at Koi shops! But like most other bubble tea franchises, Happy Lemon does not provide seating.

In all, Happy Lemon does not top the list of bubble tea in Singapore for taste but shoppers around Ion will be glad for the healthier choice – this bright shop does not add preservatives or artificial additives to their drinks.

Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-35 Singapore 238801

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Telephone (65) 6238 8174

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