B Bakery

Nestled deep in laid-back Kampong Glam is quaint little B Bakery with a great array of offerings including soups, salads, mains like pizza and pasta, as well as desserts such as cakes, and of course, freshly baked bread.  


First came the Smoked Duck Salad with Pomegranate Dressing ($15) in extremely generous portions of mesclun salad tossed in pomegranate vinaigrette and given a refreshing take with fruits such as mango and orange. And topped with tender smoked duck, the salad is an interesting combination of both sweet and savoury.


Next, the Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio ($15) looks enticing with generously topped with clams and prawns, and sprinkled with cheese flakes. The angel hair pasta was al dente though I would much prefer it to be a tad more wet – touched up with a little more olive oil or chilli oil. Luckily for those like me with a preference for all things spicy, sliced red chilli will be gladly be served upon request.

There is something for the vegetarians as well. B Bakery's Hummus and Vegetables ($7) is a popular dish among regulars. It is also light on the palate and is great as a finger food to be shared among friends.

Now, for desserts, fans of sticky date puddings can get their fix here. B Bakery's Sticky Date Butterscotch Cake ($4) does not come accompanied with the usual vanilla ice cream or vanilla cream. Instead, yummy bits of almond are encrusted on B Bakery's rendition of sticky date cake, giving it a nice nutty bite.


Last but not the least, remember the nursery rhyme?: "Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, see how fast they go, see how fast they go!" Well, B Bakery's cinnamon buns sell out just the same. The pastry chef does only nine a day so if you really don't want to miss the sweet indulgence, do the Singaporean thing – pick up your phone and "chope" one of these hot buns with deliciously thick cinnamon fillings.


Visitors may choose between the air-conditioned indoors or al fresco, though I would recommend the al fresco area for some people watching as well as visually plan your shopping route after the meal to exercise off all that you have wolfed down in this little cafe.

The place is pretty small so you don't have to worry that the friendly staff might miss you. Iced water is served upon arrival and a big glass bottle is conveniently placed on each table for refills.

However, it would be near impossible to get seats when the lunch crowd, which consists of mainly regulars, floods in and it would be advisable to come in after 2pm. Nonetheless, with so many more sandwiches, cakes and bread to try out, we will definitely be back for more – especially with Beeconomic's deal today at $15 for $30 worth of B Bakery's goodies!

B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199436

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