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Global burger joint Burger King (BK) has raised the bar with its new Whopper Bar in Singapore, the only one of its kind in Asia, and third in the world after US and Germany. The new upscale joint offers premium burgers and beer… but is it enough to keep its status as a bar? FreshGrads finds out.


The cheapest regular Whopper costs a whooping S$8.90 with a drink and either fries or onion rings. There are four new Whopper variants offered - the Angry Whopper, Western Whopper, Rodeo XXL and sweet Mexicana Whopper - on top of the usual BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss and Cheesy Bacon Tendergrill.

There are many more "premium" condiments and ingredients (S$1 each) - 24 to be exact and counting - than the typical BK joint customers can customise their Whopper with, and watch its assembling process from the counter. The Whopper Bar also offers beer for an upsize at S$2 for a 300ml can of Tiger Beer and S$4 for a 500ml can of Tiger Beer. For Heineken, add S$1 respectively.

FreshGrads dropped by there one evening and ordered a Mushroom Swiss Double. Alas, we forgot about the elevated status of this BK joint and did not do anything special with our burgers. Neither did the staff remind us. What we did remember to do as we always do at other normal BK outlets was to ask for extra pickles… and they forgot about our pickles. When reminded though, they gave a generous helping.

Nonetheless, we observed our well-researched neighbours, foreign exchange students from Australia, who fully utilised the bar for what it is - customisable. One of them added just a few more toppings but came up with a hefty bill of S$18 for his meal with a beer of course.

Options are displayed on 3 LCD TV screens and there is actually smoke rising up from the burgers, if you look carefully enough. Besides offering three new burgers, which are variants of the original, the standard sides and drinks are available too.

The Whopper Bar looks nothing like the typical one with its open kitchen, countertops and posh seats with areas customers may plug in ipods and groove to their favourite tunes, as well as a break away from the original colour scheme of red and orange to red, black and grey. The staff also wear different uniforms to match the bar's look.

All in all, FreshGrads found the experience to be disappointing after all the hype. After all, dressing up a typical BK bar with extra gadgets, serving a couple more burgers and condiments, and slapping them together in public view, BK Whopper Bar makes the bar to be a bar, not.

Burger King Whopper Bar
Blk 3B, River Valley Road
#01-06, Clarke Quay
Singapore 179021

{mosmap width='400'|height='400'|lat='1.2909100019482997'|lon='103.84570000000001'|
Opening hours
12pm - 3am daily

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