Yami Yogurt

Singaporean brand Yami Yogurt, Singapore's first frozen yogurt, also known as fro yo, has been around for decades and now stands up strong to new funky fro yo outlets like Frolick and Yoguru. Freshgrads finds out how the old boy keeps his customers cool.


Yami yogurt (S$2.30 for the smallest cup at 3oz) is generally cheaper but also smaller than those from other fro yo outlets in Singapore such as Frolick and Yoguru. What's more, we felt cheated by the great emptiness beneath our Yami yogurt's beautiful peak. To its credit though, the established brand has various flavours including typical ones as Peach and Honeydew, and others unheard of flavours such as Banana and Boysenberry, to its name.

Yami yogurt is not as sour or intense in flavour as the ones from Frolick or Yoguru but it is much sweeter. Also, after giving Yami yogurt several more tries, Freshgrads nonethless finds little lumps in Yami yogurt that are not found at the other fro yo providers, which dispenses smooth delicious fro yos. 

Although Yami yogurt stays hard longer as compared elsewhere, it is probably because they sometimes prepare and keep their yogurts in fridges ahead of time, instead of dispensing it fresh, straight from the machine. Their biodegradable styrofoam container, perhaps, plays a part as well.


None of Yami Yogurt outlets provide seats so you can use the excuse to window shop around as you dig in. Note, however, that they tend to clean the machine up to an hour ahead of closing time so head down before that or end up eating fro yo from the fridge.

Yami Yogurt also has a rewards card that gives a stamp for every S$3 spent.

Yami Yogurt

Bugis Junction
230 Victoria Street
Singapore 188024

{mosmap width='400'|height='400'|lat='1.2995538019613508'|lon='103.85568380000002'|
Chevron House
30 Raffles Place
Singapore 048622

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Telephone (65) 6835 9903 (Bugis Junction), (65) 6535 2622 (Raffles Place), (65) 6884 5652

Details for more outlets can be found at the Yami Yogurt website here.

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