Ginett Restaurant & Bar Unveils A Treasure Trove of Truffle Dishes Only Until 30 Sep 2018

truffle dishes
Luxurious black little nuggets are filling up the shelves and flying off as soon as it is being stocked up again in Ginett’s kitchen. From 6 August to 30 September 2018, Ginett is serving up a specially curated seasonal black truffle menu that fully brings this gourmet gem into the spotlight.
Truffles have been incorporated into gastronomy from as far back as ancient times. These diamonds of the culinary world were extremely coveted in ancient Greece as they were associated with the divine, particularly to Zeus. This mythical concept may have been due to the belief that a truffle is crafted from water, heat and lightning. The Latin poet Giovenale spoke of a legend that a truffle is created whenever Jupiter (the Roman counterpart for Zeus, the God of Thunder) hurls a lightning bolt against a tree. Considering the fact that truffles are discovered growing on tree roots after a heavy rainfall (which usually involves lightning), it is not difficult to imagine how the origin of the truffle myth came about.
Highly prized for its alluring earthy, musky, garlicky, funky and complex flavor profile with a hypnotizing aroma of a fairy tale forest, this fancy fungi's exorbitant price tag not only stems from its exquisite flavor and aroma, but also from scarcity as truffles grow rare and few, and cannot be cultivated like other types of mushrooms.
Ginett’s devotion towards the fine art of gastronomy demands only the best produce they can obtain. The seasonal truffle menu presents only the freshest black truffles imported right to the restaurant’s doorstep from Australia, painstakingly cultivated and harvested during the Australian winter.
Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté, $19 (Seasonal Black Truffle Menu)
Black truffle espuma, cream of root vegetables, pain brûlé
Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute
Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute
Velouté is a French word that translates to “velvety” in English, which very accurately describes this light and deluxe soup. Ginett's velouté is painstakingly prepared by puréeing Jerusalem artichokes in a cream of root vegetables and then pressing it through a fine sieve to eliminate any fibrous textures from the root vegetables, extracting a smooth, rich and creamy liquid that has been heavily infused with the earthy, nutty and savory essence of the Jerusalem artichokes and other root vegetables. The soup is crested with black truffle foam, sprinkled with crunchy bread chips and black truffle strips. The full fruition of this exquisite recipe is a delicate illusion of a truffle rain cloud melting in your mouth with just an airy whiff of the nutty, savory and potato-like earthiness of the Jerusalem artichokes.
62°C Slow-Cooked Egg, $24 (Seasonal Black Truffle Menu)
Black truffle pureé, truffle bread and double-boiled beef consomme
62 degree egg
62 degree egg
Housed in a little tea cup, this beautifully constructed starter evokes the sight and smell of a fantastical world. Its whimsical plating bears an uncanny resemblance to the undergrowth of an enchanted forest. And as soon as the intense woody, earthy, floral and mineral aroma hits you, your mind will immediately be transported to that fairy tale forest, populated with ancient trees soaring to the heavens, sprays of exotic flowers and forest nymphs frolicking by the susurrating waterfall.
Nestled at the bottom of this fairy tale terrarium is a sous vide egg that has been conscientiously cooked at a precise temperature of 62°C in an immersion bath for 20 – 25 minutes. A thick blanket of black truffle pureé incorporated with doubled-boiled beef consomme is layered over the egg before the dish is fairy-dusted with black truffle shavings, truffle croutons, pink ixora, and finished off with a dollop of whipped cream. The 62°C egg is cooked to the epitome of perfection, the molten yolk erupting from its wobbly cocoon of silky egg white with a perfunctory poke and inundating the earthy black truffle pureé with its thick, rich and gooey golden syrup. The double-boiled beef consomme contributes to a hearty and comforting accent, while the truffle croutons provide a contrasting crunch to this rich and decadent dish overflowing with the taste of earth and magic
Roasted Bresse Chicken, $42 (Seasonal Black Truffle Menu)
Roasted French chicken supreme & thigh lollipop, black truffle butter and soft-boiled ratte potatoes
Bresse Chicken
Bresse Chicken
The Bresse chicken is to France what the Kobe beef is to Japan, and these valuable birds are the most expensive chickens in the world. Bresse chickens are reputed to be the most delicious chickens globally. That impressive claim is derived from the poultry's long and colorful history rich in tradition, intrigue and French nationalistic pride. The chickens are raised exclusively in the small town of Bresse (east of France), where they have been famous since the 1600s when the Duc de Savoie offered the plumpest roosters from Bresse to King Henri IV who praised the chickens to the high heavens. Since then, the Bresse chickens have been crowing at the pinnacle where food and fowl intersect.
The soil in Bresse contains very little chalk, which leads to the chickens having lighter and thinner skeletons and more meat on their bodies. The Bresse chickens live most of their lives out doors, running free in the fields and forests around the farm and are fed a strict diet of regional maize, wheat, milk and the native insects they peck at in the field. The fundamental basis of rearing Bresse chickens is that they are absolutely forbidden to be fed or administered any hormones, antibiotics or chemicals.
Ginett's Roasted Bresse Chicken is sous vide to lock in all its glorious juices and heavenly fat before it is roasted on high heat so that the chicken skin undergoes the Maillard reaction and turns a lovely dark brown. The skin is fatty, gelatinous and so succulent that it explodes with juices as you chow down into it, and the meat is incredibly dense and moist with a delicate sweetness. It is served with soft-boiled ratte potatoes in a pool of a musky and savory black truffle butter and topped with black truffle shavings.
Homemade Foie Gras Ravioli, $35 (Seasonal Black Truffle Menu)
Sauteed chanterelle mushrooms with black truffle cream
Foie Gras Ravioli
Foie Gras Ravioli
Two plump parcels of ravioli are served drenched in a luscious black truffle cream sauce. The skin of the ravioli is extremely thin but still has a nice al-dente bite, and the foie gras packed within is rich, creamy, and buttery which rapidly melts in your mouth like the most decadent butter. The juicy and springy chanterelle mushrooms and grated parmesan cheese amps up the intensity of the earthiness and muskiness of this truffle dish.
Duo Foie Gras, $30 (Restaurant Menu)
Homemade terrine and pan seared
Foie Gras
Foie gras is simply divine by nature with a 90% fat content that has this amazing key feature of melting at the average body temperature. Foie gras goes into your mouth in a highly viscous, semi-solid state and slowly melts away like butter, enveloping your mouth with the most heavenly taste and texture. 
This appetizer is a marriage of two differently prepared slices of foie gras. The foie gras terrine is derived from a whole liver that has been de-veined, mashed into a pot and cooked in a water bath on an extremely low heat, resulting in a densely packed slab of liver that retains its purest flavors. The terrine is thick, buttery, and creamy with nuanced notes of a floral sweetness. The pan-seared foie gras (our favorite method of preparation for foie gras), is flash seared on high heat so that the exterior crisps up and caramelizes while the fat in its interior melts just ever so slightly and inundates the entire lobe with an silky oiliness. This sublime piece of decadence disintegrates into a rich, creamy, and umami goodness immediately as it touches the tongue, with a hint of sweet smokiness from the seared exterior. The julienned pears and caramelized peaches balances out the richness of the pan-seared foie gras with its sweet and juicy fruitiness.
Oysters Fine de Claire, 1 pc for $7, 6 pcs for $26, 12 pcs for $48 (Restaurant Menu)
Fine de Claire
12 pieces
The Fine de Claires are cultivated on the French Atlantic coast and spend its last production phase maturing, for a minimum of one month, in shallow ponds where seawater and freshwater meet. The shallow waters fatten the oysters up and the intermix of seawater and fresh water gives the Fine de Claires its subtle and balanced flavor profile that is a huge hit among oyster first-timers and oyster connoisseurs alike.
The Fine de Claire bursts in the mouth like a water balloon with hardly any pressure applied, and its succulent juices sweep over your tastebuds with a sweet, fruity and slightly nutty surge of flavors. The oyster is packed rich in sweet and delicately briny juices, that finishes with a velvety texture and an earthy aftertaste. 
Mussels, 500g for $32, 1kg for $61 (Daily Special)
Mariniere sauce and served with French fries
500 grams
This hot crock of mussels is the perfect dish to share among friends over glasses of wine and engaging banter. The mussels are fat, plump, springy, juicy and taste of the sea. The mariniere sauce is garlicky, buttery, and herby with a hint of sweetness and tanginess from white wine, that further accentuates the oceanic succulence of the mussels. The dish is served with crisp golden fries that is best eaten when allowed to soak up all the delectable buttery goodness of the light but flavorful sauce.
Ice Cream & Sorbet, $10 (Restaurant Menu)
Three scoops of ice cream or sorbet with seasonal fruit
This chilled dessert is a titillating amalgamation of sweet and zesty flavors that dance and and tingle on the tastebuds. The rich and creamy chocolate ice cream, the icey and tangy lime sorbet and sweet and fruity mango sorbet wonderfully complements each other in its colorful myriad of refreshing flavors.
Paris-Brest, $16 (Daily Special)
Hazelnut cream
This French pastry was created back in 1910 in celebration of a cycling event, a race from Paris to Brest, and back. The choux pastry of Ginett's Paris-Brest is crispy and filled with hazelnut praline. The smooth, creamy and velvety texture of the nutty and subtle woody flavor of hazelnuts emulsified into the cream coaxes you to repeatedly take bites out of this sinful dessert. While it is rich and creamy, the mousse-like texture of the hazelnut praline is still surprisingly light and fluffy, and the almonds that top the choux pastry add the perfect flavor and crunch.
The seasonal truffle showcase menu runs from 6 August to 30 September 2018, subject to availability, at prices beginning from $19++.
Reservations are recommended as Ginett is usually packed to its maximum capacity every day. For reservations, please call +65 6809 7989 or visit
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