A Magnifique Evening at Ginett with Celebrity Chef Hervé Frerard's French Specialties

Herve Frerard
Bon vivants gravitated towards the fine art of gastronomy have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing a recherché dining experience at Ginett Restaurant & Bar only from 25 June to 1 July 2018 with celebrity chef, Hervé Frerard, personally whipping up an ambrosial French menu finely tuned to seduce even the most discerning of palates.
Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar is a glamorous oasis of gastronomical delights and titillating drinks set in Singapore's Arts District at 200 Middle Road. Ginett's luxe interior is illuminated with warm yellow lights, chic black furniture and plush seating, but the nuances of industrial furnishing integrated through its hanging Edison bulbs, metal lamps and exposed ceiling evokes a more casual ambiance, so that diners can feel at ease to kick back and relax while in the midst of glamour.
Ginett's menu comprises of irresistible European favorites, superb French wines from $6 a glass all day long, quick and easy set lunches and late weekend brunches. The wide selection of prices and items makes a trip to Ginett a versatile and fully customizable pleasurable experience for all kinds of diners.
But perhaps, the most memorable of all dining experiences at Ginett will be scheduled to go down from 25 June to 1 July 2018 as celebrity chef Hervé Frerard will take center stage in Ginett's kitchen and will be treating diners to a bespoke menu featuring some of his beloved signature dishes.
Herve Frerard
Herve Frerard
Celebrity Chef Hervé Frerard
One of Thailand’s most celebrated chefs, Hervé Frerard, is in town for a guest appearance, cooking up his exquisite creations exclusively in Ginett’s kitchen for just under a week. Bestowing the crème de la crème of French cuisine to Ginett for one week only, Chef Hervé Frerard stays true to his French roots but also listens to his own heart, resulting in dishes with ingredients of supreme quality, tweaked with an artistic flair to create culinary masterpieces.
Slow-Cooked Organic Egg, $16
Smoked Agria Potato, Herring Caviar
Herve Frerard
A seemingly simple affair of a sous vide egg crowned with herring caviar, nestled in a bed of fluffy potato mash is not as elementary as it seems. The egg is perfectly cooked to a viscous texture that bursts forth with molten yolk with a perfunctory poke and inundates the dish with its thick, rich and gooey golden syrup.
The potato purée, siphoned from Agria potatoes and crested with smoked haddock and garlic foam, is creamy, yet so light and fluffy that it practically dissipates on the tongue, leaving behind an intensely smoky, savory, garlicky and earthy memory of its flavor profile. The herring caviar gives a buttery and salty pop of flavor, infusing a whiff of ocean breeze to the dish, while the croutons, cooked in decadent duck fat, secreted within the pile of potato purée brings the entire dish together with its contrasting crunch.
Tomato Coeur de Boeuf, $18
Grey Shrimp, Yuzu Cream, Onion Pickles, Chives
Herve Frerard
The Tomato Coeur de Boeuf, which translates to beef heart tomato, is aptly named for bearing an uncanny resemblance to a cow's heart. The Coeur de Boeuf in Chef Hervé's beautifully constructed starter is a Marmande tomato (imported from France) that has been skinned and portioned out, served alongside a pool of chives oil, dollops of hoseradish cream, a heap of tomato tartare with pomegranate, and scatterings of grey shrimps.
The tomato is refreshingly fruity-sweet with a meaty texture akin to a very tender steak. The tomato tartare with pomegranate cuts through the fruitiness of the Coeur de Boeuf with a zesty tang, the horseradish cream contributes to a mellow sharpness, the chives oil gives a buttery ever-green flavor and the grey shrimps add a touch of umami crustacean essence.
Wild Cod Fish, $34
Jerusalem Artichoke, Chorizo Aioli, Root Bouillon
Herve Frerard
Smothered in a multidimensional saffron sauce and garnished with a kaleidoscopic array of vegetables, this colorful dish is an underwater treasure trove just waiting to be plundered. The delicious snowy white flesh of the cod fish breaks away in large flakes and is firm to the bite, but quickly yields from the heat in the mouth to a buttery consistency. The bright yellow sauce, that shines like the sun above the ocean, is an amalgamation of saffron, chorizo aioli, garlic, potatoes, eggs and olive oil.
The complex sauce has a rich and creamy texture with a mild perfumed sweetness from the saffron and a spiced garlicky aroma from the chorizo aioli and garlic. The glops of translucent Jerusalem artichoke purée lightens the heartiness of the fish with its clean and sparkling flavor profile. The pink pickled onions pricks and perks up the palate with its tartness. With a savory and smoky taste similar to bacon and a sweet earthiness comparable to sweet potatos, the slow-cooked purple carrots that are sliced lengthwise are a wonder of nature.
Roasted Duck Breast, $32
Malt Whisky, Carrots, Ginger and Onion Compote
Herve Frerard
A thick slab of duck breast is sous vide twice to lock in all its glorious juices and heavenly fat before it is roasted on high heat so that the duck undergoes the Maillard reaction and turns a lovely dark brown, in turn, imparting a greater depth of full-bodied flavors within the meat and skin. It is then flambéed in malt whisky as the final touch so that the alcohol's sweet and malty essence permeates the meat. The duck is incredibly moist and succulent, even right within its core – a laudable result of being painstakingly steeped in its own delectable fats and juices. It is a hearty and comforting dish that is further enhanced by the warm sharpness of the ginger and onion compote.
Milk-Fed Veal Fillet, $42
Green Pea Purée and Fresh Mint
Herve Frerard
The world slows to a stop, and the chatter in the room fades away to a blissful silence before the air starts to tingle and a choir of angels descends from the heavens, bathed in an incandescent, ethereal glow as they burst into an uplifting carol that enlivens the soul and inspirits the heart. Chef Hervé's veal fillet embodies that out-of-body experience that I conjured up upon placing a morsel of the divine meat pass my lips. Excuse my hyperbolic and overly zealous opinion, but I have to reiterate that this dish tastes like a little slice of heaven itself.
Slicing into the veal reveals pastel pink flesh that is so light, it almost veer towards white, a pleasant indication that the veal was derived from a very young baby cow of superlative quality. This veal is so skillfully executed and cooked to the epitome of perfection – the meat's texture is a seductive ménage à trois of buttery, velvety and so opulently creamy that it melts in the mouth and you can practically taste the milk in its diet. The milky goodness absorbed within its flesh gives the veal a mellow and dulcified flavor, which is enhanced with the deluge of the savory, nutty and earthy Morel mushroom sauce, and the dollops of sweet, green and minty spring-time vibe of the green pea mint purée to achieve a multi-dimensional creation.
Provençal Apricot Tart, $14
Lemon Thyme and Vanilla Ice Cream
Herve Frerard
The Provençal Apricot Tart is bound to invoke daydreams of Provenance in summer time. A scoop of creamy and milky vanilla ice cream set on a warm, crumbly and peppery pastry and topped with nectarous wedges of the sweet and tart French apricot is both effervescent and homely – a delightful way to end the culinary journey across France on a sweet treat.
Chef Hervé truly lives up to his revered celebrity status with the masterpieces he concocts. The jolly chef's passion to the culinary arts and his joie de vivre is reflected in his meticulously crafted creations, with the titillating myriad of flavors and textures of his dishes constantly evolving and harmoniously coalescing on the palate to form an unparalleled dining experience.
If you wish to jump at the chance of having a taste of France through renowned celebrity chef, Hervé Frerard, you may want to make a reservation in advance, as Ginett is being booked to its brim every day since his highly anticipated arrival. For reservations, please call +65 6809 7989 or visit www.randblab.com/ginett-sg.
Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar
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