Plentyfull: A Botanical Restaurant with Plenty of Sunshine and Rainbow Food

Plentyfull embraces its namesake and incorporates it into its food – throwing in an eclectic and colorful array of ingredients with multiple layers of tastes and textures.
Plentyfull occupies a wide encompassing space with high ceilings in Millenia Walk, furnished with foliage dripping from the ceilings and sprouting out from the floor, comfortable contemporary furniture and fitted with looming floor to ceiling windows that allow the natural sunlight to stream in and brightly illuminate the place.
The restaurant focuses on creating its dishes entirely from scratch, free of preservatives and other harmful additives, with organic ingredients sourced from farmers and artisans locally and internationally.
The restaurant also creates its own lineup of sodas, a healthier alternative to commercially produced sodas loaded full of preservatives and chemicals.
House Flat Bread with Nori Butter, $8
Plentyfull’s signature griddled flatbread is baked and grilled in house and has a soft, light and pliable texture. Its subtle and neutral taste makes it the perfect receptable to thoroughly enjoy the umami seaweed butter and floral elderflower balsamic vinegar, both hand-made from scratch in Plentyfull’s kitchen.
Evan’s Chicken Salad, $18
This chicken salad is named after the owner’s husband, Evan, who picked this as his all-time favorite dish. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have the same enthusiasm for this dish as Evan does. The salad consists of crispy chicken strips, gem lettuce, iceberg lettuce, crispy glass noodles, wonton chips and soy vinaigrette. The greens are extremely fresh, crunchy and dewy, further perked up by the refreshingly salty and sour acidity of the soy vinaigrette. While the chicken strips are covered by a golden-brown batter, they are not crispy and the thin layer of its crust is rather flimsy and soggy. The chicken strips are rather dry and bland too, so much so that we initially thought they were strips of tau kwa. The wonton chips and crispy glass noodles do not shatter with a perfunctory bite and have a sort of resistance before crumbling, almost as if they were a little stale or lao hong.
Avocado Toast, $14 (with Tomatoes & Halloumi +$6)
You can choose to order Plentyfull’s signature mashed avocado on grilled sourdough with the option of adding on heritage tomatoes and halloumi (+$6), house smoked salmon (+$5), house smoked bacon (+$4), or two sous vide organic eggs (+$3). We had our avocado toast with the addition of heritage tomatoes and halloumi. The mashed avocado strangely tastes a little like tuna salad, perhaps due to the seasoning mixed within. We prefer our avocado on toast to taste more like a zesty, ever-green and creamy guacamole instead. The chunks of halloumi cheese are dense, salty and with a springy texture, which is a nice welcoming accent in the toast. However, the tomatoes had a bizarre taste of sour plums and just do not sit well with this dish.
Borrowdale’s Pork Chop, $32
This Australian free range pork rack is abundantly rimmed in thick globs of sinful fat and heavily saturated in savory juices. Each bite is a melt-in-the-mouth explosion of flavors, thanks to the high content of fat within the well-marbled  meat. The porkchop is doused with maple jus that intermingles with the melted fat and seeping juices to form a heavenly sweet, savory and umami amalgamation. The porkchop sits on a bed of dense and cheesy potato puree, and is topped with red pepper confit, and fennel salad.
Lemongrass & Assam Grilled Chicken, $26
The chicken thigh and breast are sous vide for an hour to lock in all its juices before it is grilled to a beautiful brown and nicely charred in some parts. The chicken has a savory, spicy and tangy skin from its marinate of lemongrass and assam, and its meat is moist and tender within. The charred lettuce littered with onion pickles finishes off this dish with a boost of fragrant smokiness and ever-green crunch.
Primavera Garganelli, $24
This unique pasta consists of guanciale bacon, green pea puree, rolled tube pasta, turnips, edamame, sugar peas, fine herbs and lemon zest. This dish tastes like sweet green spring with its abundance of peas, edamame, ever-green herbs and a sharp tang from the lemon, with little nuggets of smoky saltiness from the bacon.
Crème Brûlée French Toast, $15
Living in sin is the new thing as it is beyond a shadow of a doubt in this glorious three-way dish that fuses elements of crème brûlée, grilled cheese sandwich and french toast. Indulge in this ménage-à-trois dipped in egg, coated in sugar and caramelized with a blowtorch, with molten cheese oozing out from within. As your teeth sinks down into the sandwich, it will first meet a thin layer of hard caramel that shatters upon impact, followed by the soft, fluffy, eggy goodness of the bread and in the core is a little taste of heaven itself – thick, rich and creamy molten cheese that inundates your tastebuds with waves of pleasure. The sandwich is served with a side of fresh cream to amp up the sweet and creamy decadence, and a kaleidoscopic lineup of fresh seasonal fruits and edible flowers.
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 10:30pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 10:30pm
Tel.: +65 6493 2997
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