DC Super Heroes Cafe: Dine at the New “Justice League Headquarters” in Takashimaya

DC Super Heroes Cafe
The massive metallic 3.8m-tall Justice League doors part with a mighty swish, revealing the secret enclave where the DC heroes call home in Takashimaya. Superman himself, stoically receive you upon entry, throwing you into the clandestine world of superhumans and vigilantes. Dine in awe at the food hall of justice with the Gods among us.
Since the conceptualization of the first DC Super Heroes Cafe in Marina Bay Sands two years ago, the cafe has remained strong and steady in the local scene as one of the top 36 restaurants in Singapore, according to TripAdvisor. It is with the immense success of its first establishment that the cafe is ready to increase its strength with the second super hero themed outlet in Singapore.
DC Super Heroes Cafe
DC Super Heroes Cafe
Situated within the beating heart of Singapore's shopping district, DC Super Hero Cafe's second outlet located along the Orchard Road stretch, within Takashimaya, is set to cater to the local audience as well as the growing base of tourists.
Like its older Marina Bay Sands counterpart, the Takashimaya-based cafe delivers an immersive DC Comics universe experience. However, the outlet at Takashimaya features an extended menu with more communal dishes to cater to larger groups and younger patrons from popular hangout spots along Orchard Road.
DC Super Heroes Cafe
DC Super Heroes Cafe
The cafe features some of the most impressive and life-like DC super hero statues, busts and props that would make awesome photo op moments. The brightly-lit cafe encompasses a large area that is styled like an American diner out of a DC comic book with themed superhero booths, superhero wallpaper, ceiling lights depicting familiar symbols from the comic books, countless limited edition action figures safely locked up in glass cabinets, and superhero statues heroically poised in every nook and cranny of the restaurant. Even the menu is designed to resemble a comic book issue with a huge selection of various super hero dishes to choose from.
DC Super Heroes Cafe
DC Super Heroes Cafe
Rest your feet and fuel up on your favorite superhero meals after an exhausting day of canvassing the endless shops along Orchard Road. Or indulge in a thick, creamy and refreshing milkshake named in ode of your favorite superhero.
King of Atlantis Crab Leg Aglio Olio ($26.90)
King of Atlantis Crab Leg Aglio Olio
A smorgasbord of delicious and complementary ingredients make up the King of Atlantis Crab Leg Aglio Oli. Al dente linguine is tossed with olive oil, crispy garlic chips, spicy chili flakes, zesty cherry tomatoes, and shavings of nutty parmigiano-reggiano cheese. Generous chunks of sweet and malty crab meat are scattered throughout the pasta before it is topped with a dollop of ikura, an onsen egg kissed by a touch of hollandaise sauce, and a few sprigs of arugula to bring a touch of evergreen freshness to the dish. This is a satisfying bowl of pasta, bursting to its seams with multi-dimensional flavors and textures, aromatic from the crispy garlic chips, with juicy pops of saltiness from the ikura with each mouthful, and a creamy consistency from the onsen egg that thinly coats every strand of pasta with its yolky goodness.
Superman: A Smallville Original Free Range Chicken Burger ($25.90)
Superman: A Smallville Original Free Range Chicken Burger
A juicy chicken patty housed alongside gouda cheese, a sunny side-up egg, and bacon is sandwiched between two fluffy and buttery brioche buns imprinted with Superman's logo. The chicken patty, while soft, succulent and flavorful, has a bizarre spongy consistency to it – similar to fishcake, as though the minced chicken meat is incorporated with flour and other types of fillers, which leaves a rather unpleasant taste on the tongue. The burger is served alongside mesclun salad, nacho chips, nacho cheese sauce, and salsa.
Batman’s Dark Knight Wagyu Beef Burger ($28.90)
Batman’s Dark Knight Wagyu Beef Burger
Clamped in the middle of two dense charcoal brioche buns embossed with Batman's logo, the wagyu beef patty oozes its succulent juices all over the grilled portobello mushrooms and red onions contained within. The wagyu beef patty had the same weird spongy texture as the chicken patty mentioned above. While the beef patty is sweet and juicy with the glorious fattiness of wagyu quality, the fish-cake like consistency is rather off-putting, and indicates that it may not be 100% ground beef. Accompanying sides consist of a refreshing mesclun salad, fries, and nacho cheese sauce.
Hot Crustacean Treasure Bag AKA You Can’t Savor This Alone ($59)
Hot Crustacean Treasure Bag AKA You Can’t Savor This Alone
DC Superheroes Cafe's Takashimaya outlet specially had aquarium tanks fitted in the kitchen so that diners can enjoy the freshest seafood caught and cooked upon order. This treasure trove of oceanic delights (good to share among 2-3 people) consists of flower crabs, tiger prawns, mussels and clams that have been simmered in a buttery sauce cooked with garlic, ginger and fresh herbs. The flower crabs are soft, tender, malty and sweet. The tiger prawns are immensely springy, supple and succulent with a nice crunch. The mussels and clams are plump and juicy with a faint whisper of the sea. Bread is served on the side which allows you to soak up all that full-bodied buttery sauce teeming with the sweet crustacean flavors and salinity of the fresh seafood.
Harley Quinn’s So Delish! Iberico Pork Ribs ($30)
Harley Quinn’s So Delish! Iberico Pork Ribs
The charcoal grilled iberico pork ribs are so superbly cooked that the meat slides off like butter with just a gentle tug on the bone. The iberico pork is rich and smooth with a robust and slightly sweet nutty taste that has just a hint of char from the grill. The meat is almost gelatinous and melts in the mouth thanks to the intricate marbling, with delicious globs of fat that rim the meat giving off bursts of delicious savory fatty juices. It is lightly glazed with a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce that wonderfully complements the delicate sweetness of the pork. Earthy beetroot fries, a fluffy pile of sweet mashed butternut squash, and a refreshing fruits and vegetable salad are served on the side.
Aquaman’s Trident Catch: Charcoal Grilled Trio Combo ($38)
Aquaman’s Trident Catch: Charcoal Grilled Trio Combo
This grilled platter is perfect for sharing among two to three people. It is made up of live tiger prawns, chicken teriyaki, mushrooms and capsicums. The succulent and supple prawns have been thoroughly infused with the flavors of the grill – giving off a smoky and aromatic fragrance. The chicken teriyaki skewers are slightly caramelized and crisp in some places while bursting with juices in the thicker chunks of meat. The skewered mushrooms and capsicums are soft, crunchy, earthy and sweet all in one bite.
Island Warriors' Cheesy Pork Sausage Calzone ($25)
Island Warriors' Cheesy Pork Sausage Calzone
The in-house wooden dome oven churns out pizzas within three minutes. Each pizza is created fresh from scratch open order with DC Superheroes Cafe's homemade dough and tomato base. As soon as you cut into the calzone, a blast of steam and fragrance rises up into the air, revealing a mouthwatering combination of juicy pork sausages, sharp red onions, gooey mozzarella cheese, crunchy red capsicums and earthy mushrooms.
Metropolis Savior Savor: Jamon Iberico ($38)
Metropolis Savior Savor: Jamon Iberico
This savory and tangy pizza is sure to be a hit among the squad with the sweet, salty and woody thinly sliced jamon iberico ham, the bright and evergreen bitterness of arugula, the fruity zestiness of roma tomatoes, the herby nutty flavors of pesto and the sharp and gritty taste of shaved parmigiano-reggiano. 
At the same time, the café will be having an opening promotion where there will be a 50% discount for all pizzas and light bites on the menu, and all cakes and drinks are going at 1-for-1. The promotions are applicable from now till end February, only on weekdays (Mon-Fri, 2pm-6pm) excluding Eve of PH and PH.
DC Super Heroes Cafe (Takashimaya)
Address: 391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #02-13, Singapore 238873 (Next to Taxi Stand)
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm
Seating Capacity: 120
Reservations: (Tel) +65 6262 1918 (Email) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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