The Quarters: Foie Gras Kaya Toast, Durian Crème Brulee and Other Honest-to-Goodness Local Fare with an Atas Twist

the quarters
Mod-sin cuisine is picking up speed among people spanning across all generations here in Singapore, and heralding this revolution would probably be Chef Chung Deming and his passion towards embracing gastronomical traits of the old and elevating that nostalgic experience with new sophisticated flavors.
The familiar local flavors of Asian heritage dishes, infused with a touch of multinational modernism, act as the catalyst for the older generation to try new and exciting food that they would not have tried otherwise, giving birth to the rise of foodie fathers and adventurous ah mas who would gladly welcome dishes like foie gras kaya toast and durian crème brulee.
the quarters
the quarters
Come as you are to The Quarters – in shitty slippers, a moth-eaten singlet, an oversized ratty T-shirt, or even dressed to kill in a slinky dress or a dapper suit. Everyone from all walks of life are welcomed here in this establishment, where owner and chef, Chung Deming, wholly promotes the intrinsic Singapore rojak mix of quirky personalities and unique individualism – which he mirrors in his ingenious Mod-sin creations.
the quarters
Quarterade, $6 – Dill, Mint, Lemon, Lime Soda
The Quarter's signature drink is a refreshingly cool concoction of dill, mint, lemon and lime in a effervescent soda that will perk up any raspy throat or signficantly lower the temperature on a sweltering hot day with its revitalizing fresh, green, minty and tangy flavor combination.
Fwah!, $18
Foie Gras, Scrambled Egg, Kaya on Toast
The classic Singaporean breakfast is given a face lift with foie gras burnt almost to a crisp, but still buttery and creamy within, perched on top of a fluffy piece of kaya toast with runny scrambled egg cascading off its side. All the flavors and textures that we love about the classic kaya toast, usually ordered with a side of soft boiled eggs, is replicated in this pimped up concoction that boasts a more multi-dimensional eating experience. The burnt surface of the foie gras provides a smoky charcoal bitterness that helps to balance out the sweetness of the kaya, while the runny scrambled eggs and creamy mousse texture of the foie gras' interior amplifies the dish's richness and decadence.
Ooh La La!, $16
Venus clams with our signature Chilli sauce
Ooh La La!
The clams intermingle with the thick, savory, spicy and chunky gravy, imparting a sweet umami flavor unique to clams alone with a faint whisper of its ocean origin. The clams are fresh, juicy and succulent, its flavors intensified by the spicy syrupy goodness of the kick-ass chili crab sauce.
Quarters Platter, $128 (Feeds 4)
Grilled Veg Platter, Quarters Fried Rice, Salted Egg Mid-Wings, Buah Keluak Ayam, Angus Ribeye (250g), Baby Back Ribs
Grilled Veg Platter
Grilled Veg Platter
The Grilled Veg Platter consists of sweet vine tomatoes grilled with salt and a special marinade bursting with fruity juices, meaty shiitake mushrooms simply grilled with salt to focus on its naturally earthy and smoky flavors, and bright and clean asparagus served with salty fermented soy bean and fragrant garlic.
Quarters Fried Rice
Quarters Fried Rice
Brimming with wok hei flavor and a smoky scent, the Quarters Fried Rice is fried with salted fish, egg and garlic, then topped with spring onions and dried chili. Little crunchy morsels of saltiness from the salted fish poke through with each occasional bite of the fragrant and sumptuous rice with the spring onions providing an ever-green sharpness, the dried chili slices imbuing a hint of spice, and the fluffy fragments of scrambled egg adding a boost of texture and color.
Salted Egg Mid Wings
Salted Egg Mid Wings
Salted egg chicken wings are a dime a dozen in Singapore cafes, but The Quarters' version is something entirely different. Instead of drenching wings in the typical thick and gooey curried salted egg paste that can tend to get very jelat, the chargrilled chicken wings are lightly drizzled with a salted egg aioli that is delicate, fluffy and fragrant with just a hint of creaminess. The chicken wings are flayed prior to grilling which not only makes for easier eating, but it also ensures that the meat has been thoroughly permeated with the delectable smoky flavors from the grill.
Buah Keluak Ayam
Buah Keluak Ayam
The Quarters have perfected the technique of grilling the chicken till the skin beautifully crisps up and develops a smoky charred aroma, while the chicken meat still stays moist and juicy within. The thin and friable skin crackles in the mouth, while the juicy meat is so tender that its texture can be likened to the soft, dense and flaky consistency of halibut. The buah keluak rempah, a pain in the ass to extract and prepare, contributes and adds on to the barbecued dish with its naturally smoky, musky and earthy scent, and the smooth yet gritty texture of the Peranakan paste.
Angus Ribeye
Angus Ribeye (250g)
The huge slab of angus ribeye steak grilled to medium-rare perfection should just be enjoyed in its purest form without any sauces to mask its naturally delicious flavors. It is simply dusted with a light sprinkling of roasted salt to add a pop of fragrant saltiness. The hefty 250 grams premium cut of meat, airflown from Australia, is grilled to just the right temperature so that the intramuscular fat within the beef melts ever so slightly to inundate and coat the steak in a buttery infusion of sinful goodness, while the intricate webbing of fat that did not yet succumb to the heat sets off a huge burst of juices and slowly dissolves in your mouth to a rich and creamy consistency. 
Baby Back Ribs
Baby Back Ribs (350g)
The BBQ sauce has just the right amount of smokiness without being too overwhelmingly sweet, the pork ribs easily separates like pulled pork and remains soft and moist on the inside.
“Nai You” Lobster, $68
Butter poached, Charcoal licked
“Nai You” Lobster
The premium “Nai You” Lobster needs to be ordered in advance so that The Quarters can get the lobster imported in fresh off the coast of Canada. The lobster is briefly poached in a saucepan of silky butter before allowing the tongues of the flame from a grill to gently lap over its surface for a delicate hint of smokiness. The lobster will be slightly undercooked so that it still retains a spring to its flesh while exploding with succulent juices with each bite. The meat is butyraceous and sweet with a subtle saltiness of the sea and a fragrant punch of flavors from the butter.
Bibik's Brownie, $12
Buah Keluak Ice Cream with a delicious fudgey brownie
Bibik's Brownie
The scoop of buah keluak ice cream exactly resembles chocolate ice cream until you put it in your mouth. The buak keluak ice cream is thick, nutty and earthy that leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste in your mouth, and pairs wonderfully with the sweet, dense and chocolatey warm brownie.
Duriancanboleh, $9
Signature Mao Shan Wang infused Creme Brulee
This dessert will be love at first bite for durian lovers. The thin layer of the burnt caramel shatters easily as the spoon dredges up the thick custard-y goodness of the luscious mao shan wang. The creamed mao shan wang is as good as it gets; fragrantly saccharine, thick, creamy and sweet with a slight bitterness.
The Quarters
the quarters
Address: 16 Enggor Street #01-09, Singapore 079717
Hours: Mon – Fri 9am – 10pm, Sat 10am – 10pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
Tel.: +65 6834 4174
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