Michael’s Bar & Grill: A Hidden Treasure Trove of $1 Shots, Cheap Craft Beer Towers and some Damn Good Bar Grub

michaels bar and grill
Surreptitiously tucked away within a landed residential estate in South Buona Vista Road is Michael’s Bar & Grill – a clandestine F&B establishment that since its conceptualization a year back has been the secret rendezvous point of jovial groups who are on a budget, yet, also love indulging in unapologetically messy, greasy and sinful bar grub while fueling their hedonistic alcohol-related desires with wild abandon.
michaels bar and grill
Upon receiving the bill after a rambunctious night out at Michael’s Bar & Grill with a bunch of friends, you may be taken aback at the amount reflected on the receipt, but for all the good reasons. Food and alcohol at this godsend restaurant is unbelievably affordable. It almost seems too good to be true, but it is, devoid of all gimmicks or hidden costs.
Lawrence Michael is the man we can’t thank enough for bringing forth delicious dishes that can rival any famous long-standing restaurant and a tempting assortment of mana from the Gods in the form of intoxicating shots, wines, beers, ciders, cocktails and other liquors, all for a steal.
michaels bar and grill
The happy-go-lucky Lawrence had previously worked in a famous restaurant searing meats to perfection on the grill but had always longed for a kitchen and a bar to call his own. After learning all that he has to learn about helming a restaurant, Lawrence left his former company and Michael’s Bar & Grill was born; eked out of his sincere and earnest aspirations of providing a space where the masses, both young and old, can gather to enjoy good food and delightful drinks without the bill constantly weighing on their minds.
michaels bar and grill
From a glance, anyone can tell that Michael’s Bar & Grill is a no-frills establishment right off the bat with its nondescript interior of earthy tones and simple modest furnishings. So if you are looking for a restaurant with an air of sophistication, this is not the right establishment for you. However, if you just want to have some sheer good fun and laughter among friends over a great meal, you will be ecstatic to stumble across this unpretentious hidden gem. Not to mention, your friends’ wallets will thank you.
Michael's Shot of the Day, $2/shot ($1/shot on Friday)
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
Don't be afraid to party like LMFAO and order up a storm of shots at Michael's Bar & Grill. Each shot, available in a rainbow assortment of flavors, is priced at just $2. But to get more bang for your buck, head down on Friday where shots are discounted to just $1 per pop. These candy-sweet shots are the special alcoholic concoctions of Michael's Bar & Grill, they are so masterfully crafted that they taste like multi-dimensional cocktails, but pack a large woozy punch of alcohol. Check with your server if you could get a mixed platter of lime, mango, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, and blue lagoon shots for the full experience.
Beer Tower, $60 for 1, $100 for 2
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
Craft beers are usually expensive, which is why you don't usually chance upon craft beers served in towers. Through a stroke of luck on our part, however, we discovered that Michael's Bar & Grill offers Archipelago's Bohemian Lager, Belgian Wit, Summer IPA, Singapore Blonde Ale, and Irish Ale, as well as the quintessential Tiger contained in a 3.9 liters tower for just $60, or $100 if you order two towers in one go. Glistening with beads of condensation, and dripping down the entire length of the tower with its inner chamber colored a delectable gold from the beer sloshing within, you will find yourself quickly draining the tower and lapping up every drop of the refreshing nectar.
Archipelago Bohemian Lager – A lager that goes down really easily with a subtle malty aroma and a crisp palette. Its medium carbonation makes it the perfect pick-me-up drink on any day, rain or shine.
Archipelago Belgian Wit – This wheat beer has a richer texture with aromas of wheat, yeast, light citrus and a hint of coriander. It tastes slightly fruity and has a dry finish.
Archipelago Summer IPA – This India pale ale was crowned our favorite out of the entire lot for its effervescent floral notes that bloomed on our tastebuds and its delightful malty mouthfeel. It is chock full with the flowery aromas of the cascade, centennial, chinook, nugget and pacifica hops that are added at four different stages of its brewing process to achieve a refreshing wash of citrus, grapefruit and orange flavors. It starts off sweet and floral and finishes with a slightly bitter fruitiness, the perfect drink to pair with our tropical climate.
Archipelago Singapore Blonde Ale – This blonde malt ale is made by Singaporeans, just for Singaporeans. Targeted towards the local palette and paying homage to our classic Singaporean dishes, this beer in tangy, sweet and fragrant from being brewed with calamansi lime and pandan leaves.
Archipelago Irish Ale – This Irish ale pours a beautifully deep amber color which reflects its rich and profound flavors. This beer is thick and dense with a heavy dose of chocolate, caramel, coffee and nutty flavor combination. However, despite its thick and velvety smooth mouthfeel, the liquid if thin and light in consistency and goes down really easily with a satisfying sweet after-taste.
Of course, we don't have to introduce our world acclaimed Tiger Beer. All these beers can also be ordered by half-pints, pints and jugs. Heineken, Guinness and Erdinger may also be ordered by the side but are not available in towers.
Chilli Nachos, $16
A mountain of tortilla chips loaded with ALL BEEF chilli and creamy cheese sauce
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
The perfect bar grub to pair along with ice-cold beers, Michael's Bar & Grill's Chilli Nachos comes with a generous mountain of crisp nacho chips saturated with creamy cheese, laden with a steaming pile of chunky chilli gravy, topped with sour cream and scattered with sliced jalapeños. The diverse flavor and texture formula is addictive, and you will keep reaching back for more. The nachos are thin and crispy which perfectly complements the rich and savory molten cheese. The beef chilli which is slightly tangy, is inundated with the deliciously concentrated earthy flavors of the minced beef. The sour cream gives it a light touch of creaminess that adds a refreshing flavor while the jalapeños kick things up a bit and adds a fiery edge to the dish.
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets, $9 & Waxy’s signature fried baby back ribs, $28 & Buffalo Wings, $12/6 pieces
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets – These bite-sized chicken nuggets are made with chicken breasts, battered and deep-fried to a golden brown. You can ask for the buffalo wing sauce to be served on the side or leave it up to the restaurant to thoroughly coat each popcorn chicken in its signature spicy and tangy buffalo sauce. Despite the use of chicken breasts, the nuggets are still moist and juicy within.
Waxy’s signature fried baby back ribs – We never had deep-fried ribs before and can't fathom why restaurants rarely have this on the menu upon sinking our teeth into one of these babies. The crunch of the breading on its exterior is extremely flavorful with a savory sweetness, while the meat is so succulent and tender that it bursts with juices with a perfunctory bite and melts off the bone with barely a tug like butter sliding off a hot surface.
Buffalo Wings$12/6 pieces, $21/12 pieces, $30/18 pieces. The buffalo wings come in three escalating levels of spiciness – spicy, extra spicy and dynamite. Like the buffalo chicken nuggets, you may request for the sauce to be served on the side too or allow the kitchen to coat ever millimeter of its surface. Majority of the team complained about the dynamite level, but personally for someone who eats the notorious Samyang Spicy Korean Noodles on a regular basis, I felt that the dynamite sauce had just the right amount of prickly burn that gives the wings more depth. If you have a moderate tolerance of spice of an average Singaporean, the spicy sauce will be just nice for you. In addition to being fiery hot, the buffalo wing sauce whets the palette further with a sharp zesty kick. The chicken wings are crispy on the outside, but overflows with juices as soon as you tear into one of them.
Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack), $29
Slow cooked and smothered in our classic BBQ sauce
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
Char-grilled with smoky aromas and a sweet richness, and heavily doused in a sticky and syrupy BBQ sauce, the soft, juicy and fatty meat falls right off the bone as you attempt to pull the rack of ribs apart.
Sirloin Steak, $40
250 grams of USA beef chargrilled to your preference
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
It is surprisingly difficult to accurately achieve the requested done-ness of a steak, but this humble little neighborhood establishment has actually managed to perfect the technique of searing beef. We requested for our steak to be done medium, and it came glistening in its glorious juices. The hefty 250 grams premium cut of meat, airflown all the way from USA, is grilled to just the right temperature so that the intramuscular fat within the beef melts ever so slightly to inundate and coat the steak in a buttery infusion of sinful goodness, while the intricate webbing of fat that did not yet succumb to the heat sets off a huge burst of juices and slowly dissolves in your mouth to a rich and creamy consistency. The smooth and velvety texture of the beef has a delicate richness that lingers on the palette long after the fountain of tumultuous pleasure derived from eating it has ebbed away. 
Michael’s Signature Pizza, $30
Minced beef patty, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos and olives. 
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
Teeming with a mass of juicy and intensively seasoned ground beef, diced onions, slivers of bell peppers, slices of jalapenos and olives evenly scattered about so that all the ingredients can be savored in combination with each bite, this 12-inch tomato-based pizza explodes with the sweet, earthy and musky flavor profile of the beef, the sharpness of the onions, the fruity sweetness of the red bell peppers, the brininess of the black olives and the refreshing tang of the tomato sauce slathered on the thin crispy crust.
Warm Chocolate Brownies, $10
michael's bar and grill
michael's bar and grill
These warm chocolate brownies baked with the richest dark chocolate is dense and bitter-sweet. Due to the high content of chocolate baked into the brownie, the warm brownie literally melts in your mouth into thick and viscous molten chocolate, which goes extremely well with the cool and creamy chocolate ice cream that amps up the chocolatey richness of this decadent dessert.
Michael’s Bar & Grill is generously giving away two specially curated feasts worth $500! Experience our sublime dining experience mentioned above for yourself and your friends. Two winners will be chosen, and each have the privilege of indulging in a feast worth $250 that can satisfy 6 pax.
Each curated feast will include:
1×  Beer Tower / 30× shots
1× Chilli Nachos
1× Buffalo Chicken Nuggets
1× Waxy’s signature fried baby back ribs
1× Buffalo Wings (6 pieces)
1× Sirloin Steak
1× Michael's Signature Pizza
2× Warm Chocolate Brownies
Here's how to take part in the contest:
  1. Like both FreshGrads.Sg and Michael's Bar & Grill pages.
  2. Like and share this post.
  3. Let us know what most entices you at Michael's Bar & Grill.
  4. Tag five friends to share the joy and whom you would invite if you win the feast.
Terms & Conditions:
  • Items included in giveaway feast cannot be changed.
  • Unwanted items in the giveaway feast will be forfeited and are not transferable for cash.
  • The giveaway feast is valid for two months from date of issue.
  • Winners must be present at Michael's Bar & Grill when redeeming the feast.
  • Michael's Bar & Grill reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the components offered on this giveaway without prior notice. 
Contest commences on 11 September and ends on 11 October 2017. The winners' names will be announced on FreshGrads' page, so stay tuned to find out! Good luck!
Michael's Bar and Grill
Address: 32 South Buona Vista Rd Singapore 118161
Hours: Mon – Thurs 3pm – 12am, Fri - Sun & PH 12pm – 12am
Tel.: +65 6475 0177
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