Hook on Steamboat: Cheesy BBQ & Steamboat with Freeflow Crayfish, Scallops & Insurmountable Pleasure

hook on steamboat
If you take your food as seriously as we do and have almost come to blows with your friends over having steamboat, BBQ or a fusion of both, Hook on Steamboat will appease everyone in your wolfpack with its wide array of cooking options and premium ingredients.
Hook on Steamboat is a veteran in the world of steamboat and BBQ establishments in Singapore. With 11 years of experience under its belt, the buffet-styled restaurant has perfected the art of offering affordable yet delicious food to the masses at superior quality.
hook on steamboat
Sarah and Jason, co-founders of Hook on Steamboat, have recently gave Hook on Steamboat a complete face lift when it moved from East Coast to Kembangan just more than a year back. The major upheaval gave them the opportunity of designing a simple interior with an adorable nautical theme in relation to the fresh seafood Hook on Steamboat offers.
Sarah and Jason are also advocates of maintaining good customer relations with their recurring diners, and utilizes Advocado to compliment their existing business model.
hook on steamboat
An aesthetically appealing interior is something extremely uncommon in economical BBQ/Steamboat buffets, so it was definitely a welcoming sight and a breath of fresh air when Hook on Steamboat welcomed us with the bright and cheery colors, cozy ambiance and minimalistic nautical décor.
It goes without saying that within the enclosed air-conditioned confines of a restaurant that offers BBQ, no amount of ventilation ducts will prevent you from emitting the lovely, greasy aromas of BBQ-ed food when you leave the restaurant hours later. Perhaps Hook on Steamboat could consider offering free disposable shower caps to diners and placing bottles of Febreze outside the restaurant for leaving customers to spritz themselves with. We are glad to report that the shower cap method, if worn throughout the entire duration of the meal, works perfectly. I whipped out my waist-length hair after exiting and it still smelled shampoo fresh.
hook on steamboat
hook on steamboat
Create your own concoction of sauces
Diners have the liberty of choosing the Cheesy Nacho BBQ Hotplate, Thai Fusion Mookata or Guilt Free Shabu Shabu (soup choices: chicken corn, tom yum, tomato, kimchi broth). If you go in a big group, you can even order all three kinds to share! Prices start from as low as $20.90++ per adult, an absolute steal considering the wide array of dishes available and its superb quality.
The buffet is also divided between two options; the deluxe and premium. For the deluxe, you still get bang for your buck for the ingredients that you can pick out, but the premium is where you can make your money's worth with multiple opulent items to choose from over and over again.
The Signature Handcrafted Cheese Fondue BBQ Steamboat is definitely the one to go for and the most value for money. It features a pot of steaming hot cheese situated in the middle of a hotplate. After you are done with the cheese, you can request to change it out for a pot of soup of your choice at no extra cost.
hook on steamboat
It was a good thing that I had the foresight of putting my hair into a bun and stuffing it under a shower cap rather than allowing my hair to hang loose and blow about in wild abandon, especially when I dunked the food into the pot of molten nacho cheese incorporated with mozzarella.
The cheese is rich yet light and airy, and it will fulfill all #cheesepull goals. The cheese can stretch on endlessly and get tangled in long hair if you are not careful. It has a whipped texture and pairs extremely well with every single ingredient; from crayfish to kurobuta pork.
hook on steamboat
The pot of liquid gold is refillable at no extra cost. It is made with a few variations of cheeses and melded together with chicken stock. It is savory and slightly peppery with no overwhelming milkiness thanks to the ingenious blend of different cheeses. It coats each piece of food in a rich and gooey deliciousness, yet it continues to allow the natural flavors of the meat or vegetable to shine through.
The buffet selection features a staggering array of 120 ingredients, with many prime choices like meltique beef, black angus beef, sliced abalone, kurobuta black pork, crayfish, oysters, scallops, pacific clams, tiger prawns and bamboo clams, just to name a few.
hook on steamboat
Meltique Beef
hook on steamboat
Kurobuta Pork
We highly recommend the meltique beef. The paper-thin and intensively marbled slices of beef live up to its namesake and melts like butter in the mouth. The highly coveted kurobuta pork also has a melty consistency but possesses a firmer texture with a slight spring in its meat.
hook on steamboat
Mussels, scallops, oysters, shimeiji mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, crayfish, prawns, bamboo clams, abalone slices
The crayfish, best eaten BBQ-ed, is extremely fresh, springy and tastes like the sea with a mild sweetness. The oysters, not to be eaten raw, are fat, juicy and slightly briny. We absolutely enjoyed DIY-ing our own oyster omelette with these oysters that impart its heavy flavor profile to the beaten egg.
Another hot favorite on our plate is the bamboo clams and the scallops. Though small, these bamboo clams are rich in taste, bursting with the flavors of the sea with a soft and chewy texture. The scallops are incredibly fat, meaty and sweet, the orange roe is tender, buttery, velvety and slightly brinier than the scallop muscle itself.
hook on steamboat
Sambal prawns
hook on steamboat
Pacific clams
The sambal prawns are a huge game-changer. We love eating prawns, but we detest getting our hands dirty, so we usually skip on this pricey dish. However, at Hook on Steamboat, the sambal prawns are deshelled at the bodies, leaving the heads and tails intact, so that the sambal can thoroughly permeate the meat, and the head juices will give the prawns a bigger explosion of flavors.
We love it when a humble establishment, such as Hook on Steamboat, pays the utmost dedication to each ingredient they serve, lovingly deshelling the prawns by hand, however time-consuming it is, all for maximum customer satisfaction.
The pacific clams are sweet, salty, bouncy and succulent with a slight crunch. 
hook on steamboat
When we finally decided that we had enough of the cheese (to be honest, we loved the cheese so much that could drink the cheese as a beverage, but for the purposes of this review, we had to try the soup too), we requested for the chicken corn soup. It was subtly savory and sweet which did not overpower the ingredients tossed inside. It washed down the greasy feeling that derived from the over-dose of BBQ meats and was a good comforting way to end the meal.
Hook On Steamboat is giving away three pairs of vouchers for the Cheesy Nacho BBQ Hotplate Premium buffet! Three winners will be chosen, and each will receive a pair of vouchers for this delicious affair!
Here's how to take part in the contest:
  1. Like both FreshGrads.Sg and Hook On Steamboat's pages.
  2. Like and share this post.
  3. Let us know why you want to dine at Hook on Steamboat.
  4. Tag five friends to share the joy and whom you would invite if you won the vouchers. 
Terms & Conditions:
  • Customer must present this voucher prior to ordering.
  • Valid for use on Tue - Sun dinner. Not valid for use on eve of and on Public Holidays and Special Occasions.
  • Vouchers are not transferable for cash.
  • Vouchers are only valid for one month from date of issue.
Contest commences on 21 April and ends on 7 May 2017. The winners' names will be announced on FreshGrads' page, so stay tuned to find out! Good luck!
hook on steamboat
Address: 389 Changi Road, Singapore 419838
Hours: Tue – Sun 5pm – 12am (Closed Mon)
Tel.: +65 6844 0389
Tue to Thurs:
Student: $18.90+ (Deluxe), $26,70+ (Premium) 
Adult: $20.90+ (Deluxe),$28.90+ (Premium)
Fri to Sun:
Student: $20.90+ (Deluxe), $28,70+ (Premium) 
Adult: $22.90+ (Deluxe), $30.70+ (Premium)
Child: $12.90+ (Deluxe), $12.90+ (Premium)
Equal pricing for Cheese BBQ, Mookata and Shabu Shabu.

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