Green Cuisine with a Local Spin to Indulge in at St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival 2017

St Patrick's Day food
What began as a religious day for the patron saint of Ireland has transitioned into an international festival celebrating the rich Irish culture with parades, dancing, singing, drinking Irish brews, and eating special foods all decked out in an abundance of green. Drop by Circular Road this St. Patrick’s Day for a whole lot of merry making and feasting.
The St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival is an annual affair organized to support the businesses along Circular Road and to foster the close-knit community vibe along the stretch while offering a great, fun-filled weekend for friends and the whole family to experience Irish culture right here in Singapore. For the fifth year running, the event will feature multiple Irish performances, different genres of music in selected zones, special cocktails, Irish ales, Guinness and dishes that take on the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day either with a green twist or the incorporation of the Irish’s favorite stout.
We have already covered the convivial activities that will take place at the St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival 2017, happening from 17 to 19 March 2017, now we arrive at the glorious food. A plethora of delicious culinary offerings specially created in ode of St. Patrick’s Day will be served at the participating restaurants along Circular Road for this entire month; 1 – 31 March.
31 Circular Road, Singapore 049387
Rum Panna, $14 nett
St Patrick's Day food
Refreshing, peppery, sweet and slightly sour, this refreshing cocktail is made with white run, raw mango syrup, sprite and plenty of ice to combat the Singapore heat.
Available for lunch & dinner.
Poulet de Popeye, $13 nett
St Patrick's Day food
St Patrick's Day food
For $13 nett, you may choose to have your tandoori chicken as it is in its pure meaty glory or bundled up for easy eating in a tortilla roll served with fries. The chicken is chargrilled in all the right places while retaining its savory juices within. The slightly spicy, light and creamy green sauce wonderfully complements the sweet smokiness of the chicken dusted with sharp and aromatic spices.
Available for lunch & dinner.
72 Circular Road, Singapore 049426
Patrick, $8 nett (a la carte) / $10 nett with fries
St Patrick's Day food
Sandwiched between two light and pillowy matcha buns, a juicy pork patty nestles in between layers of creamed spinach. The matcha buns are subtly sweet with just a hint of a leafy after-taste. The pork patty was extremely succulent with chunks of pork meat bursting with savory juices as I bit down into it. The creamed spinach was a great condiment that added onto the richness of the burger, though it was a tad too salty, which overwhelmed the delicate flavors of the matcha bun and pork patty. The waffle fries were deep fried to a gorgeous shade of golden-brown, they were crisp on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside.
Available for lunch & dinner.
57 Circular Road #01-01, Singapore 049412
Green Nasi Lemak, from $7.80 nett
St Patrick's Day food
Mutton Rendang Nasi Lemak
St Patrick's Day food
Sambal Sotong Nasi Lemak
St Patrick's Day food
Chicken Wing Nasi Lemak
This atas plate of nasi lemak is one of the best I have ever tasted. It is served on brown paper for a touch of rustic nostalgia, but the ingredients that go into it are top-notch and prepared fresh upon order which makes all the difference in quality as compared to the nasi lemak served in hawker centers where ingredients sourced are sub-par to lower costs, cooked in large batches and left to sit out for hours. For the month of March, each nasi lemak set will come with a special green sambal, extremely spicy and full of aromatic flavor, made with a heady blend of small anchovies, spicy green chillies, spring onions and garlic.
There are four nasi lemak sets available – mutton rendang, beef rendang, sambal sotong and chicken wing. The mutton rendang is tender, fatty and gamey with a spicy and creamy rendang sauce. The beef rendang is almost similar in taste and texture to the mutton rendang except that the sauce is lighter yet spicier, while the beef chunks are firmer in texture. The sambal sotong is sweet and springy with a fiery kick from the generous dollop of sambal. The chicken wing is extremely crispy but juicy and oily within.
All sets are served with a giant truffle onsen egg – aromatic, woody and musky that explodes with rich yolky goodness, best stirred in with the coconut rice for a creamy texture and bigger flavor. The rice is topped with hushpuppies that add a lovely crunch with each bite. And of course, the quintessential sides of ikan billis and peanuts are not forgotten.
Available for lunch only.
79 Circular Road, Singapore 049433
Lucky Crêpe, $5+
St Patrick's Day food
A simple traditional french-style crêpe featuring a three-leaf clover made out of green “shamrock” sugar embodies the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. While the Lucky Crêpe may be very well received on Instagram for its St. Patrick-esque theme, it falls flat on taste. The green dye on the sugar crystals tends to stain the teeth, and the crêpe is limp, lackluster and a little bit too thick. If not for the sweetness overload from the sugar, the crêpe would be entirely bland.
Available for lunch & dinner.
Festival goers can also look forward to more exclusive St. Patrick’s Day dishes that will get their mouths watering like Guinness-Battered Fish and Chips with Guinness Mayo ($18 nett), Lamb and Guinness Stew ($18 nett), and Guinness Punch ($14 nett) from Hero’s & Mogambo.
Down some Creamy Green shooters from Public House for $18+ a pair to get the party going, or a Shamrock Cocktail at $16+ from The Mask. The Mask is also serving up Chicken Palak ($14+) and Mint Naan ($5+).
Vegan revelers need not worry about going hungry while toasting to St. Patrick with Veg Cafe’s St Paddy’s Spaghetti Rebus at just $9.90 nett, a vegan and Italian pasta with a local twist.
For traditional Irish fare, head to Molly Malone’s for a potato pancake that is so integral with Irish culture that it has inspired folk rhymes. The Boxty with Sausage and Bacon is a hearty snack served day and night at $12 a la carte or $20 with half a pint of Guinness to wash it down.
St. Patrick's Day Street Festival 2017
Dates: Friday 17 March – Sunday 19 March 2017
Times: Friday from 6pm till late | Saturday & Sunday from 2pm till 10pm
Where: Circular Road (between North Canal Rd and Lorong Telok)
Price: Free entry
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place

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