All Hail The Delicious Murtaburger and Blaster Plaster at Springleaf Prata Place

Blaster Plaster prata
Masterpieces are occasionally created by by the fusion of unlikely elements. No one would have ever thought of it, but when Springleaf Prata Place came out with the Murtaburger and the Blaster Plaster, it immediately sounded like ingenious ideas only someone very well versed in culinary arts would be able to come up with. The Murtaburger is the marriage of the sinful Ramly burger and a lamb murtabak, while the Blaster Plaster is basically a glorious eggs benedict prata.
1. The Murtaburger, $7
If the thought of combining a murtabak and Ramly burger together is not enough to make you drool, the following description might just turn you into a slobbering animal. Fresh minced lamb, cabbage, chilli-mayo sauce, Worcestershire sauce and loads and loads of gooey, melty mozarella cheese is enveloped within a prata dough and then fried to ultimate perfection.
The lamb patty is juicy, springy and devoid of the “smelly” taste often associated with lamb which shows that they really take pride in the quality of their meat. The cabbage adds a nice bite, the chilli-mayo and Worcestershire sauce gives the Murtaburger that signature Ramly burger taste and of course, the liberal amount of melted mozarella adds creaminess and richness to the dish. The Murtaburger is served with a side of thick chicken curry which provides more depth for the dish.
2. The Blaster Plaster, $5
Please point me to any eatery that serves eggs benedict for just $5 a pop. There is none with the exception of Springleaf Prata Place. Instead of a muffin, the prata shop replaced it with, you guessed it, a piece of prata, and maybe this is the Singaporean in me talking, but it is a lot more gratifying than the usual eggs benedict. An aromatic plain prata is first slathered with thousand island dressing, then topped with turkey ham and the pièce de résistance – a freshly poached egg crowns the dish and is smothered with Indian spiced hollandaise sauce. The “kosong” prata is very light, crispy and buttery with a melt-in-the-mouth texture, the thousand island dressing makes it more savory, the ham gives the dish a more meaty flavor, and the egg yolk bursts open and flows like lava when cut into. The Indian spiced Hollandaise sauce is thicker than the original and has a hint of masala, it is slightly sweet without being too overwhelming. The Blaster Plaster does not come with curry, and neither should you ask for any as it is amazing just the way it is. While it looks small and dainty, the Blaster Plaster is actually really filling, so we suggest that you order this first before adding on more food to the table. This is definitely a must-try.
No.1, Thong Soon Avenue
Singapore 787431
Opens Daily from 7am – 12 Midnight
Contact: 8693 5393 

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