10 Amazing Food Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

food hacks
Life hacks are awesome but food hacks are even better, because it primarily involves eating, which is the favorite pastime for everyone, unless you are one of those weirdos who find eating a chore and merely a necessity to stay alive.
1. Perfect Bacon Sandwiches/Burgers
bacon burger
Bacon is love, bacon is life. In a perfect world, we would be able to have a little bit of bacon with every bite of our sandwich, but due to the nature of bacon being strips, it is impossible to do so... until now. If you want a piece of bacon with every bite of your burger or sandwich, simply weave a few slices of bacon together, and then either fry it in a pan or place on aluminum foil and bake in the oven.
2. Peeling Garlic
peeled garlic
Garlic can be such a hassle to prepare. It doesn't make sense to spend so much time desperately trying to peel back the layer of skin for something so tiny. Besides, using your fingernails is so unhygienic. With this trick, you can peel 20 cloves of garlic in 20 seconds. Simply break up bulbs of garlic up into a metal bowl, cover the opening with another metal bowl and shake vigorously for around 20 seconds. The garlic will miraculously peel itself.
3. Soda Slushie
coke slushie
Normal coke is too mainstream. If you want something a little more haps, try making your own soda slushie. Get a bottle of soft drink of your choice, shake the bottle up real good, place it in the freezer, and after 3 hours and 15 minutes, take out the bottle from the freezer. Gently and slowly open the cap, then close it again and turn it upside down. Pour it out into a glass and tadah! You now have a carbonated slushie!
4. Tender Meat
pineapple kebab
Add fresh pineapple juice or crushed pineapples to your meat marinades, not only does it give it a natural sweetness, but it also tenderizes your meat.
5. Keeping Cookies Fresh
Home made cookies are the best, free from those nasty preservatives and additives, but they tend to go stale really fast. You can keep your home made cookies fresh by placing them in an airtight container or zippered storage bag with a slice of bread.
6. Yummy Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream olive oil
This trick might seem a little bit unconventional, but don't diss it before you try it. Basically, seasalt + extra virgin olive oil + vanilla ice cream = YUM! Why? Adding salt to any ice cream brings out the creaminess, and olive oil's earthy tones make vanilla flavors pop.
7. Chocolate Bowls
chocolate bowl
Blow up balloons and dip them into melted chocolate and let them cool on parchment paper. Once the chocolate hardens up, pop the balloons and you'll have edible dessert bowls.
8. Boneless Chicken Wings
bbq chicken wings
Instead of gnawing around the bones of a chicken wing, trying to shuck any little piece of meat out, you can debone your wing and eat them whole without any bone obstructing your ravenous mouth. These can only be done for properly cooked chicken wings. So prior to eating, find the end of the wing that has the bigger protrusion of bones. There are two bones in a wing, and you have to first locate the skinnier one. Find the skinny bone, wiggle it around and pull it out, then do the same to the bigger bone.
9. Fresh Bananas
bananas cling wrap
Bananas go bad really fast. To prevent that from happening, wrap the top of your bananas with cling wrap so that they can last up to four or five days longer.
10. Spot Eggs
boiled eggs
To ensure that your eggs are fresh, drop them into a cup of water. Spoiled eggs float and fresh eggs sink. And the problem of whether an egg if hard-boiled or not occasionally arises for people who are not used to being in a kitchen. To check if they are boiled properly, spin them. Hard-boiled eggs spin easily while raw eggs do not.
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