Dock Street Walker: Zombie-Inspired Beer is Brewed with Actual Brains

zombie beer
This is a beer that the undead will approve of! Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewing Co. has come out with a “zombie” beer that consists of real brains! It is not as sick as it sounds though, the brains used in the beer concoction are smoked goat brains, not human's.
The beer was launched in conjunction with the season finale of the hit TV show The Walking Dead which aired on 30th March. The description for the zombie beer in the brewery's website reads: “PRESENTING THE BRAINY DOCK STREET WALKER: QUITE POSSIBLY THE SMARTEST BEER YOU’LL EVER DRINK! Dock Street brews a beer with goat brains in honor of the season finale of AMC’S The Walking Dead. Get a taste and watch the finale at Dock Street on March 30th. Walker on tap and take out sales begin at 5pm.”
zombie beer
With 7.2% of alcohol in a bottle, this American Pale Stout is brewed with wheat, oats, flaked barley, organic cranberry, and the most important ingredient of all; smoked goat brains! According to the brewery, a swig from a bottle of Dock Street Walker gives a “smooth, creamy mouthfeel”. 
The geniuses behind the zombie beer are Dock Street's head brewer, Justin Low and Brewery Representative Sasha Certo-Ware, both avid fans of The Walking Dead series. They decided to steer away from beer norms and recklessly threw goat brains into the equation.
Creating beers as a tribute to popular TV shows is fast becoming a trend. Before the Breaking Bad series finale was aired last year, Albuquerque's Marble Brewing Co. brewed a special batch of India Black Ale called Heisenberg's Dark. Obviously, because there was nothing ultimately special with it (it is not as if they could put actual meth in there anyway), those ales did not fly off the shelves as quickly as the Dock Street Walker did.
Akin to a real zombie, the head from a glass of Dock Street Walker does not stay around long.
Information Source: Dock Street Beer

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