NeNe Chicken

The hugely popular Korean Fried Chicken chain NeNe Chicken is finally available in Singapore — at The Star Vista!


There are a total of four flavours: Black Sesame tender, Green Onion tender, Swicy (sweet and spicy) and Freaking Hot. We ordered the Green Onion Tender Super Meal which came with thin fries, pickled radish and a soft drink. The chicken pieces, a mix of wings and drumlets, were crispy and yummy with the soy sauce topped with generous amount of shredded green onion.

The pieces looked small but but we were surprised we were almost full. Luckily, the pickled radish that came along with the meals are great for whetting appetites and we freed up some space after a few pieces of that addictive side. Next came our sweet and spicy chicken meal. They were very generous with the sauce as well and we all preferred this to the less flavourful Green Onion tenders.


The place was pretty hard to find – we walked past it twice before we found it after asking some service staff from Courts on the same level. It is a really small shop that can probably sit no more than 20 at once but filled with friendly staff and cosy enough for one to devour the delicious and crispy chicken! We will be back for the NeNe Pop as well as the other flavours!

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