8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro

To enjoy quality Taiwanese cuisine, lovers of Taiwan and Jay Chou fans are in for a treat at 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro. 


The menu is pretty extensive and we spent quite some deciding the few dishes we eventually ordered. First that came was the rather big glasses of papaya milkshake and the iced honey lemon. The milkshake was a bit diluted and the honey lemon a little too sweet.

The cheese mantous came first. It was rather expensive for four little mantous to cost a good SGD4.80 but they were very well done. Instead of chilli crab sauce and the like, we had yummy cheese. Otherwise, the dish would have been too bland despite the crispy shells of the mantous.

We ordered each a 8 degrees mango fish box (SGD11.80) and a 8 degrees XL chicken box. The jewel boxes came with little sides like braised peanuts, daikon, Taiwan sausages, and cucumbers. The mains were very filling and they gave a lot of rice plus a bowl of soup too. We didn't know the set came with a drink since the waitress didn't inform us when we ordered separate drinks but we felt that the meal was very value for money.


Other than several photos of Taiwan's iconic landmarks and attractions, and Jay Chou's posters and memorabilia, 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro is pretty much no frills. The service was prompt and friendly. We also noticed some instruments lying around to which the waitress said there might be live music performances there in the future. If so, this little restaurant will definitely have us back for the filling meals plus tunes! 

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