Pita Pan

Looking for a vegetarian bistro to bring your client to after showing him or her the beautiful skyline? Then Pita Pan is the place to go.


There is an extensive vegetarian menu that is fun to mix and match with. First choose your bread, whether plain, whole wheat or herb, then select your filling from three types of falafel before completing the meal with salad and sauces from the bar. Just the salad alone, there are 35 different Middle Eastern salads including picked vegetables and home-preserved sun-dried tomatoes to chose from. Sauces also come in tahini, sesame paste sauce, and mango pickle sauce. We piled up the pita pockets and had our fill. Among the four of us, we had several combinations and all ingredients were surprisingly compatible.

We went for some appetizers too – why not when the view is so good? The Mediterranean Platter is made up of portions of hummus, falafel, baba ganoush, dolma, mixed salad, olives and chillis served with pita bread, and serves as a great snack to kick back and chill with.


The restaurant at one end of the Helix bridge houses an alfresco area that faces the ArtScience Museum and its surrounding beautiful skyline. Tables are cleared a tad too slowly when we were there late at night but could be overlooked with some drinks and the great scenery.

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