Chezcake Bistro

Driven by intense craving for a good cheesecake, we checked out Chezcake Bistro along Joo Chiat road, helmed by self-taught baker Cannice Lee.


We went for the two hot favourites, the Cherry Brandy Cheesecake and White Oblivion, as recommended by our friendly server. Both cheesecakes cost a good $6.90 so we were thinking they better be good!

When we tried the Cherry Brandy Cheesecake, we understood why it was so expensive. Filled with big, plump and juicy cherries all soaked long in the brandy, every bite of the creamy cheese cake yearns a bit of the liquor which will please the alcohol lovers.

Next, came the signature White Oblivion. Also an alcoholic choice, this denser and richer cheesecake is laced with nutty Amaretto almond liquour. It is also crunchy with generous fills of almonds. For the value of these two cheesecakes, we gladly paid almost apiece for them.


Set in the laid-back neighbourhood of Joo Chiat, the little cafe has a rustic interior with brick-laden walls against whitewashed backdrops. The service is friendly and not pushy at all – despite four of us sharing two cheesecakes.

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