Pretty cafe along Haji Lane, Fika, caught our eyes as we explored Kampong Glam. As we ducked in for a quick bite, we were pleasantly surprised to find non-Ikea Swedish fare.


One would definitely go for the Swedish meatballs – despite it costing almost three times more here at Fika. We thought the meatballs were delicious, especially with a thicker, creamier gravy, but tasted rather different as compared to that of Ikea's and checked with our Malay server. We were surprised but happy to find out that this Swedish cafe is halal certified. Finally our Muslim friends will get to try this yummy dish! The version here also comes with a side salad and lingonberry of course.

Next, we went for the seafood pasta. The dish comes with extremely generous portions of pasta, mussels, dory fish and tiger prawns. It was supposed to be aglio olio but, perhaps in consideration of its expat audience, Fika's wasn't spicy enough for us so we requested for chilli flakes and cheese to spice it up. This dish had us super full and we were thankful we hadn't ordered the third dish we intended to.

Nonetheless, dessert is a must and we chose the Fika Lingonberry Cheesecake. We were quite disappointed. Though the cheesecake is dense and rich, we were expecting more than having just lingonberry drizzled over it.


Decorated in a country theme, the cafe has whitewashed interiors with accompanying cream-coloured furniture and decor. Colour theme and products feels like Ikea with much more variety. The service staff is efficient though the food took some time to come. Overall, the ambience was relaxing and pleasing in this quaint neighborhood.

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