Seventh Heaven

All eager to head to Gardens by the Bay? Well, do remember to pause for a break at Seventh Heaven as you leave the Flower Dome and head towards the Cloud Forest!

It is neither a conservatory nor a lake but a gourmet ice cream parlor that serves up chilled sweet desserts as an added bonus to the beautiful lush greenery in this mega garden.

Cool down with a selection from 36 handcrafted ice cream flavors such as Lychee Martini and Seasalt Caramel, as well as eight exclusive flavours only available at Gardens by the Bay. Rather than going for low fat or low sugar recipes, Seventh Heaven embraces its guiltily rich creations though there are lighter flavors like Leomon Granita and Vanilla too.

For the really hungry, or greedy, there are also gourmet ice cream bullion bars, middies, waffles, pancakes, brownies and other yummy treats to go along with the cream of the crop too. So don't walk past this little heaven as you trek through the gardens.

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