A Quick & Painless Breakfast

Shorten_Breakfast_Preparation_TimeMost of us would concur a good breakfast is important, be it for better performance at work or for personal health. But when faced with the choice of grabbing a McChicken at McDonald's on the way to work or skipping it altogether, we would go for the unhealthy option, rarely treat ourselves to a healthy breakfast. Here are some tips on how to save the precious morning time.

Obtain Ready Ingredients

Get breakfast food that can be eaten right away – think apples, bakery bread and cheese – or easy to get prepare such as yoghurt parfait, a filling salad, or scrambled eggs. With this, it should not take more than five minutes to assemble breakfast for one or two.

The Night Before

Prepare what you can the previous night. You could cook oatmeal the night before and have it placed into a microwaveable bowl with a ready cover – for easy pouring of milk or other preferred liquids. Food that may be cut or blended or cooked prior to the day should be made and kept ziplocked or in airtight container in your refrigerator. Another yummy alternative to get your fruits and greens would be a breakfast smoothie with either low-fat milk or yoghurt.

On the Go

Have a long walk out to the train station? Pack your food in small, handy packages for easy eating on the go. For example, make sushi balls or onigiri that can be easily consumed as you head out to work. It is preferable then that you prepare breakfasts that need not employ utensils. This way, you could save five to 10 minutes of eating time.

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