The Soup Spoon

The_Soup_SpoonIn such a wet weather season like this, one of my greatest food craving would be a nice, warm and hearty bowl of soup. The Soup Spoon is one of the first few places that would come to mind.

The soups at The Soup Spoon take centre stage and can easily fill one's stomach. For the bigger eaters, there are great accompaniments such as salads, sandwiches, wraps and sides such as their delicious garlicky herbed foccacia and cheesy wedges. The salads and wraps might not be as good as the standard salad bar's but they provide a satisfying diversity to the soup.

But back to the soups, there are classics that remain on the menu all the time like the extremely velvety mushroom stroganoff and a smokey sweet roasted pumpkin with caramelised apple and toasted almonds soup. On top of the standard menu, there are weekly specials called the chef specials though I would usually go for my favourite classics.

And although the brand also created gourmet handcrafted burgers store The Handburger and an Asian soup store Soup Broth Asia offer great food too, The Soup Spoon remains one of my favourite meal hangouts!

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