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Pornsak_4The suggestive name of local celebrity and television host Pornsak's Thai restaurant seem to be doing great business with a new branch at Upper East Coast road after its first at Liang Seah Street. But is it just star power drawing in the crowds? Let's see!


Like at most Thai joints, we tried out the green curry. The rendition here has a much higher coconut milk content than any other places we have been. We were quite alright with it but others who are more health conscious may not be so forgiving. The only issue we had with it was that it was not spicy at all. There should at least be some tanginess we felt. Still, it was good to go with the steamed rice that came first.

We also tried their crispy fried chicken with garlic. We were surprised by the huge portion the dish came in. The first few mouthfuls were great since we are both okay with the spice. But about halfway through, we weren't able to enjoy it without "diluting" it with some of our plain steamed rice.

By the end of two dishes and some steamed rice plus giving up on an extended waiting time for our french beans dish, we were filled to the brim and had to skip our plans for desserts.


The branch along Upper East Coast road is less decorated than the first at Liang Seah street. Similar to the first, the tables are placed close by each other with some "al fresco", right beside the toxic fumes of cars. It felt like a kopitiam joint rather than what someone would call a restaurant.

Service wise, it was a far cry from what was described as "prompt" in other food blogs. Perhaps this was a new outlet so the staff was blur though he was apologetic and somehow we just couldn't get angry at him for forgetting or confusing our orders three times.

Overall, we will be back if the nearby options are all occupied. But otherwise, based on this visit, we would much prefer the other Thai joints such as Ah Loy.

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