Lerk Thai

Lerk-Thai1Conveniently located at several locations throughout the island, Lerk Thai offers affordable meals, especially their set lunch specials.

Add $1.90 to any dish from the ala carte menu – mostly under $10 – and get a small bowl of tom yum seafood clear soup and steamed rice.


We ordered two fried rice from the ala carte menu, one mushroom fried rice and the other chicken cutlet fried rice. Both were pretty well done, tast and well mixed. Plus, we loved the keropok that came along with the fried rice. Top this with the tom yum soup and steamed rice. We were satisfied.

The tom yum soup was surprisingly good, though I would have preferred it just a bit more spicy than sweet. The same went for the extra beef green curry we ordered. Quantity wise it was sure disappointing. Sure there were lots of meat but the green curry gravy could have been more.


There is no wow factor about the decor at Lerk Thai. Save for some cushy booth seats, the tables and chairs are mostly no-frills. And other than a few Thai momentous here and there, there's nothing much to look at.

Still, for the ambience and its location in malls, we found Lerk Thai a good choice for lunches or for family dinners. There is currently also a 50 per cent off their new selection of dishes. We had our eye on the Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Glass Noodles in Hot Pot and Deep Fried Seabass in Jungle Curry, which were both at affordable prices of $9.45 and $14.95, so we will be back!

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