C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe

Si-Nai-1C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe is a near 24-hour joint along East Coast road. And just within years of its first branch, it opened up two others at Bugis Street and East Coast Park. We check out the cafe that boasts to be featured over 6 times on television and over 10 times on printed publications.


Even if C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe does not win in quality, it suers win in quantity! The cafe has an extensive menu of more than 250 dishes, desserts and drinks to choose from.

For a start, we had the XO fried carrot cake which was raved about in several food blogs. The exterior is nicely crisp and the interior is smooth with bits of bacon. Though at $5.90, the serving is a tad too small. Great as an appetiser when there with a big group.

We also had the seafood baked rice and the Portuguese chicken chop baked rice, both which were just slightly over $10. You could choose between spaghetti or rice and since we were at a Chinese restaurant, we thought we would just go with rice. The squid was slightly too chewy and the fish didn't seem fresh though we could hardly be fair to say so since the entire dish was smothered in the cream sauce. The Portuguese chicken chop baked rice fared much better with its tomato sauce and well-marinated chops.

Their iced milk tea and Yin Yang (coffee with tea) are famed and should be tried at least once. The tea's generously given and both milk teas are thick. If you are on a tight budget though, self-serviced plain water is free too.


Not much of an atmosphere to speak of, unless you could count the run-down look of a typical Hong Kong cafe as authentic. However, the other branch of C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe at East Coast Park is much cleaner and even features a live band periodically. Nonetheless, I found it strange that the restaurant claims itself as the ONLY authentic Hong Kong cafe in Singapore when the food's somewhat debatable, service staff are all Chinese nationals and, fortunately or not, they aren't as slow, rude or loud as the Cantonese staff are rumoured to be too. Nonetheless, there's no service charge!

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