Eat your greens and eat them happy at SaladStop!. You might be thinking, how difficult can it be to make your own salad? But what you probably don't have, or is worth buying just for one or two salads, is a great mix of fresh and premium ingredients to create your desired salad.


You could mix and match your own salad from the 40 different ingredients at SaladStop!. Create your own wrap from any ingredients from the salad bar before choosing between spinach sun dried tomatoes, wholemeal or wheat tortilla to complete your wrap.


Or for the busybees, take a pick from one of their 10 signature salads to suit your mood such as the Oh Crab Lah! salad, Cheaper than a Facial, B-Aware, Omega 3 Baby! or Sunshine Reggae. Prices start from $8 for unlimited toppings though you may have to pay a little more for premium ingredients like feta cheese and roast beef.


There are several SaladStop! outlets in working districts like Suntec City, Marina Square, Raffles Place, Novena Square, One George Street and the Marina Bay Financial Centre. And every outlet features a big blackboard with the menu and is kept spic and span despite the many tables.

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