Organic products are relatively easy to find in Singapore these days. You can always find some products at Cold Storage, NatureFarm and even NTUC FairPrice. But organically cooked food is a rare treat. Shop-cum-cafe Bunalun fills just this gap.


Upon entering the shop-cum-cafe, you will see fresh fruits, vegetables and a wide variety of organic products. They also offer sandwiches, wraps and salads to go as well as delivery with no additional charges – great for pampering, or comforting yourself, if you are forced to do some in-office dining. Orders have to be placed a day in advance though.

But since we had the time, we settled down for dining in. We went for the organic chicken noodle salad and the pita pocket sandwiches. Some might find the former a tad bland but we thought it was reasonable since no preservatives are used and the ingredients are promised to be 100 per cent organic. The chicken was well-cooked and tender and the noodles al dente. The latter, a healthy choice which consists of poached chicken, avocado and apple salsa, goes down nicely without guilt.


We then topped it up with desserts! The organic banana tea cake as well as the apple and pear crumbles come highly recommended and did not disappoint us.

If we had came during breakfast, we would've been spoilt for choice. There's so many of our favourites on it – fluffy blueberry pancakes, french toast, and toasted crumpets. So, although the prices at Bunalun are a tad high, we found the price tag reasonable for its organic offerings and would be back for its breakfast menu.

On top of the packed lunches and dine-in meals, you may also find an array of snacks such as organic crunchie biscuits chocolate and nut (packed in a pretty jar), homemade jams and condiments, and various kinds of organic cereals. And besides the edibles, there's offer a range of organic skincare products and toiletries as well.


A simple, no-frills looking cafe with courteous staff that hardly holds any crowd. Perhaps due to its competitive to-go boxes? There's two Bunalun outlets – one at Chip Bee Gardens right by Holland Village and the other can be found at basement two of Takashimaya.

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