Old Town White Coffee

With 87 branches just in Malaysia, Old Town White Coffee must be brewing some great coffee and serving up delicious fare for local celebrity comedian Mark Lee to bring the brand into Singapore.


Expect familiar kopitiam favourites from Malaysia and Singapore. The chain's signature dishes include Old Town Assam Laksa, Old Town Nasi Lemak Special, Old Town Curry Mee, Old Town Nasi Rendang Ayam and Old Town Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun among others.

Having returned from a trip to Ipoh recently, I ordered the Ipoh Hor Fun. Though I reminded myself not to expect the same standards as the famous hor fun stalls in Ipoh, nonetheless I subconsciously compared the two. The hor fun at Old Town is sliced much more thinly than that of Ipoh's famous hor fun but this would be a welcome change for young kids. While Old Town's version is not as good, it served well to quell our cravings.   

Next came the Assam Laksa. The dish, which originated from Penang and distinguished by the sour tamarind taste within, was served piping hot and real comforting. However, the sourish taste was way too overpowering for us.


We ended the meal with coffees – a Nanyang C and a normal kopi. Both were thick and nice but nothing memorable as compared to its food.

Overall, the food and prices at Old Town exceeded expectations. The range of main courses, side dishes and coffee including variations like ice blended and milkshakes offered are also far more than that of similar kopitiams such as Toast Box or Ya Kun.  



There's more than eight outlets in Singapore and every outlet is as crowded during mealtimes. The crowd range from secondary school students to senior citizens enjoying their daily cuppa while having the customary coffee shop talk.

Diners fill up slips of order sheets to be collected by the service staff made up of mostly polite and fast-working Chinese nationals.

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