The Plain

Contrary to its name, The Plain is an awesome breakfast place located on the ground floor of a row of pretty shophouses near Duxton Plain. Hear the birdies chirping in the quiet neighbourhood as you sip your morning cuppa there!


The all day breakfast place serves fruit salads, a great variety of toasts, eggs and sandwiches, as well as gourmet coffee and tea on its menu.

Spoilt for choice, I went for the recommended Darlings' Eggs ($10.50), two poached eggs on sliced roma tomatoes, ham and cheese atop sourdough, which came as a pleasant surprise.

How could something so plain and simple but so yummy? The flavours of the yolks oozing out of the eggs, sweet tomatoes and fragrant cheese all come together well. I would credit this to owner Vincent's choice of using simple but high-quality ingredients.


My friend who has an incomprehensible dislike for poached egg chose Toasties, which is basically Darlings' eggs without the eggs. However, she loved – and greedily slurped up – her skinny latte. While not a coffee connoisseur, I felt that my cappuccino proved just as enjoyable – loved the smooth and thick foam!


The next time I'm coming here, I will definitely go for the fine selection of Gryphon tea there. They had my favourite Vanilla Sencha and Chamomile Dream. And if my tummy's still rumbling, I would go for the sinful-looking chocolate fudge cake!


One of the reasons why most customers are regulars is thanks to The Plain's young, bright and friendly service staff. Also, the quaint cafe set in a quiet neighbourhood is best for an afternoon read.

The Plain
50 Craig road
#01-01 Singapore 089688

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Telephone (65) 6225 4387

Opening hours 7.30am to 7.30pm daily (closed on 1st and 2nd Wed of the month)

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