Tonkichi, by the Pokka Food group, has been making news for its fried pork set meals. And with several outlets at Lido, Takashimaya, Orchard Central, Tampines Mall and Suntec City among others, we found ourselves conveniently having lunch at its Suntec City branch. Here's our take on the slightly above average Japanese restaurant.



First came the restaurant's signature dish: a delicious and freshly-fried hire and rosu (pork) set ($24.90), which comes with miso soup, rice and a small salad. The breadcrumbs-coated meat looked real thick but was tender and soft in the inside – easy to chew and cut into smaller pieces.

But we discovered something even better: the fried oyster equivalent is just excellent. Crispy on the outside and soft (or partially raw) in the inside; oyster-lovers should really try this.

We were also craving for curry so we ordered an ala carte curry ($6.90) as well as a chawanmushi ($3.50 with a set, $5.50 without a set). The curry and chawanmushi wasn't spectacular but neither were they bad.

Ramen is also available but I would advise diners against it. Tonkichi's ramen was too oily, its ni-tamago (soft boiled egg) was over cooked and the pork broth was way too salty with a strange pungent pork taste.

What would make a typical male return is this: unknown to many, the Japanese rice and salad with sesame dressing comes free flow! Ideal for the big eaters. But in all, the fried stuff is great but anything else is best left for other Japanese restaurants.


Tonkichi is a great lunch choice for busy office workers. There was no need for queuing during lunch hours as the restaurant – part of the roundabout basement – occupies a pretty large area. The decor is simple and looks as if it's catered for the mass. Service is fairly fast and attentive as well.

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