Singaporeans love their food and that is one reason why local food blog, by Dr Leslie Tay, garners an impressive following of over 13,000 fans on Facebook and averages 12,000 hits a day.

What started out as a doctor's passion for good food and photography has also turned out to become one of Singapore's best loved food blog as well as the winner of the Best Food Blog in the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2010.

The man behind the blog describes it as "one man's attempt to eat and blog all the best hawker food in Singapore". Dr Leslie Tay set up in 2006, seeking good hawker fare based on his motto of "never waste your calories on yucky food". In order to do this, he susses out popular hawkers' new locations, checks the authenticity of others and shares his investigations on his blog.

Though he begun with hawker food, has since moved on to review a long list of hawkers as well as restaurants, which are listed in alphabetical order and categorised by location and type of dishes, including "Really Must Try" and "Hawker Home Recipes".

Reviews of dishes are kept humourous and casual, more often than not peppered with familiar Singlish that tugs the Singaporeans heartstrings. They are also accompanied by close-up visuals to do them justice.

Besides reviews, the doctor shares his favourite recipes as well as invite guest chefs to share cooking techniques and recipes on video. And in recent years, he organised makan outings with local foodies and friends he made through his site's forums, as well as culinary workshops such as the "Beef Appreciation Workshop" with cooking school Cookyn with Mervyn.

So, the next time you wonder where your favourite Lor Mee stall has moved to, where to have the next Bak Kut Teh, or if you are simply craving for some foodie inspiration or action, you could always check out by Dr Leslie Tay or his latest book ieatishootipost: The End of Char Kway Teow and other Hawker Mysteries, which will be out early December.

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