Texas Fried Chicken

Among the many other new fried chicken outlets in Singapore, Texas Fried Chicken opens at the Singapore Expo, the airport, and United Square.

The Food:

Let's go straight to the main point. There's basically two kinds of chicken to choose from: original or spicy. The original was bland and tasteless though you have to give them credit for being crunchier than at Popeyes and KFC. The spicy? People with low tolerance beware! Texas Fried Chicken takes its spicy wings more seriously than the other joints.


Overall, the chicken's as fresh as the rest and less salty than those from Popeye. However, the flavouring which is what differentiates the various outlets is fares the worst. We are still with Popeye's and good old KFC.

Now to the sides, the mashed potato was gross and we are almost certain its made from powder. The honey butter biscuits, however, was delightful! Sweet and tasty at the same time. Their fries are great too.


Drinks-wise, there's quite a range at Texas Fried Chicken. Besides the usual soft drinks, there's Sjora juice, iced peach tea, hot chocolate, and a selection of coffee like latte, cappuccino, espresso and cafe mocha. I absolutely loved the coke float with soft serve ice cream.

For an overview, you could go for the Texas Sampler ($7.80), which consists of fried chicken, honey butter biscuits, a side and a drink. Otherwise, you go for the two-piece chicken meal ($7), three-piece chicken meal ($9.60), 3 wings meal ($6.40), 3 tenders meal ($6.40) among others.

The Mood:


Simple, no-frills fast food joint style. Expect no cushy sofas like Starbucks!

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