Fashion that is ethically responsible while not limited in designs is hard to come by, but Zhai offers a wide range of bamboo clothing, accessories and other products for the eco-conscious.

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3 Don'ts Do to your Hair

If you are the owner of all required hair products and constantly visit hair salons but still have hair problems, you may be guilty of the below three hair don'ts.

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Care for Leather

Shoes Just spent a bomb on a lovely pair of leather shoes? Sure, it is a worthy investment as a long-lasting and elegant choice of wear, classy enough for work and casual enough for play. But as durable and lasting top quality leather can be, without proper care, leather can dry and crack – and result in some heartbreak in you, who have just spent a significant part of your salary on them.

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Find the Right Shampoo for You

Choose_the_Right_ShampooRather than covering up your hair flaws with styling products or a hairstyle, why not treat it at the root by getting the right shampoo? Here are some suggestions on finding a suitable one for you.

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Getting Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads – otherwise known as comedones – are a tough nut to crack and a problem for both males and females. Picking them may leave you with scars and cause them to come back quicker than before. Leaving them alone is not an option either, for they are a bad sight to bear and will only result in bigger pores which means more blackheads later. Here, we have some tips on how to get rid of blackheads.

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