Face it. When we graduate and arrive in the working world, we inadvertently realize that our trendy school uniform of comfy shorts, jeans and tees are not quite going to cut it. It is hard enough to be taken seriously given our “freshly graduated” status; going to work in sandals and sundresses is a sure way to corporate dungeons.

So before you face the wrath of your classy Armani-suited boss for breaching the unspoken office code of knee length skirts and having him or her banish you, I say – take a shopping trip to stock up on some office essentials.

I’m not saying that you should beg your benevolent parents for shopping money and buy out the formal wear section; I meant affordable online shopping.

The wonders of online shopping is definitely not lost on youths. But are you aware of treasure trove Moochemooche?

I call them a treasure, because they are a niche store specializing in office wear that epitomizes corporate chic. Their offerings are affordable enough for the new corporate climber and fashionable enough to go for social gatherings after hours.

Qiu, one half of Moochemooche, shares, “We started at a time when blogshops are a dime a dozen, but we realized that the working crowd was still poorly served – and here we are!”

Expect to find structured pencil skirts of various cuts and prints in their store, with little details right down to the bit of frills at the back of your knees, to hidden pockets. Their impressive range has got checks, chiffons pleats, classy florals and their all time favourite, lace. Pair these structured pieces with soft-flowing tops for a chic corporate appropriate look.


And on a lazy day when you simply cannot be bothered to match your items or when you are running late, simply don one of Moochemooche’s dresses. It is easy to jazz up your look with a simple accessory, such as a skinny belt or watch that you should already own. (If not, these are great basics that you should pop by the mall for!)

The best of all - all items at Moochmooche are no more than $30 each, which gives us room to stretch our dollar and get another piece to add on to our corporate wardrobe.

I love the results as well: a well-dressed young executive.


The ladies behind the brand also manufacture some of their own designs, like the pleated dress above.

Co-owner Joyce reveals, “We trawl the web for ideas and adapt them to make them wearable for work. Most importantly, they have to be made of quality material to complete the corporate look.”

With their quality, unique designs and an array of corporate chic look, Moochemooche is definitely helpful to females looking to grow their corporate wardrobe. Unfortunately for the guys, there are no plans to serve the male audience in the near future.

It is all about the love for the ladies. As Joyce says, “The truth is, we are doing this out of our passion for fashion, and guys’ clothes currently don’t excite us as much as female clothes do!”

Moochemooche is also the winner of FreshGrads’s first Fashion Showdown – see the competition here.

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