Fashion Showdown


As a graduate, we are concerned not only with getting Career Advice and News Updates; we want our fun and entertainment! FreshGrads expands the Lifestyle section to house our very own Fashion and Beauty column.

To celebrate the launch of this fabulous column, we have a Fashion Showdown between 2 established blogshops - Momo Teapots and MoocheMooche! Vote for your favourite trendsetter to win the full ensemble!

The Fashion Showdown

MMTP and MoocheMooche are established fashion stores in the blogosphere. Known for their keen style of fashion, both have been making waves among online shoppers and garnering a following of loyal fans.

Vote for the best outfit for the theme Smart Wear for Chic Graduates – the attire that you will want to wear from work to play! Stand to win the ensemble from your favourite store!



Classic White with Tailored Shorts

Look smart and chic in this classic white shirt topped with unique pockets. Pair it with our tailored shorts in this lovely shade of grey and you're ready for work and play!



Lace Overlay Pencil Skirt and V-Neck Lace Blouson

Some say you have to be one of the guys to get that promotion, but you sure don't have to dress like one! Our ensemble is professional, yet the light colours remind your co-workers of the youthful energy that you will bring to your team. Delicate lace adds a touch of femininity but killer heels show that you take no nonsense. Our chic graduate will look just as comfortable doing a presentation in the boardroom, or on sipping a martini at a bar

Cast your vote now!

Vote for your favourite ensemble for a chance to win it! Simply leave a comment stating your favourite.

Do note that only votes casted by FreshGrads members will be captured by our system - so do sign up now! Voting closes 16 may - so be quick!   

Your vote will help your trendsetter win an exclusive feature on FreshGrads column plus an invitation to share their fashion style regularly!

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