FURLA's Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection Culminates 90 Years of Fine Italian Artistry

FURLA has traversed through 90 years of rapidly evolving fashion trends and escalating demands for luxury in a blaze of glory. While making history and setting the precedence for Italian artistry, FURLA unveils its latest lineup to its ever-growing vault of beautifully crafted treasures that has delighted its sophisticated clientele for nine decades and more to come.
FURLA had its humble origins from one single store in Via Ugo Bassi, Bologna. Its founder, Aldo Furlanetto, spearheaded its succession, and today, FURLA boasts 400+ stores all around the world. The original store still stands and fully functions as a FURLA outlet in Via Ugo Bassi as a fond historical representation of its beginnings.
FURLA was built on the core values of vision, family bonds and imagination. Aldo Furlanetto was an avid believer of the potential success of a company that was deep rooted in its commitment to excellence – in accessories, fashion and service – for its customers. These morals upheld the integrity and reputation of the brand, and FURLA very soon became synonymous for quality and reliability.
The first collection of bags were an overnight success kudos to the precision of its design and the vision of a new customer, a contemporary woman looking for new, cutting-edge materials. Since the dawn of FURLA in the 1970s, all its products are handmade with an outpouring devotion to quality and craftsmanship by its skilled artisans, and all its components from classic Italian leather to new-age materials like nylon and rubber can be assured of its superiority.
At the turn of the millennium, FURLA has evolved into a lifestyle brand – one that supplies shoes, jewelry, eyewear, watches, bags, purses, wallets, and a whole myriad of other fashion-related items that cater to both women and men.
FURLA's main focus is always that of product quality, and never fail to pay the utmost attention to the most minute details, an atypical trait of Italian artisanal tradition.
FURLA's Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection
When the leaves morph into warm shades of yellow, orange and red, and the first anticipatory snowflake falls from the heavens, FURLA unveils its own vision of the beauty of autumn and winter with its new collection that encapsulates the heart of the brand's Italian lifestyle.
This season's collection isn't tied to a single moment, but rather spans decades, borrowing eclectic cues from FURLA's iconic 90-year heritage and imparting a modern elegance. Accessories in luxurious leathers are manifested in clean and fluid lines. They stand out with striking contrasts, graphic patterns and effervescent details. This dynamic collection conceived and designed in Italy promises supreme quality.
FURLA Like – Sophistication melded with a raw city edge. Inspired by the New York skyscrapers of the Thirties, the era of the Jazz age and the transformation of the modern workplace, FURLA Like is a bag that means business. Its practical, sleek, angular and geometric design conveys a feminine power, making it the perfect accessory for strong, independent women on and off duty. It is available in three-toned Oasi Double calfskin of grey, white and black – an urban color palette.
FURLA Scoop – Chic minimalism. Borrowing two of the most typical elements of bags in the Forties – accordion side on the main compartment, and a rectangular flap, and incorporating a touch of modernization with the use of python-printed calfskin leather, the FURLA Scoop is the best of both worlds – old school and new age charm.
FURLA Blogger – Sprightly simplicity. The smooth and effortless carry-all bowling bags of the Fifties make a comeback with its peppy style and youthful glow. It is available in Oasi leather in black, red or dark green with a white lateral and upper band around the zipper that stands out in contrast.
FURLA Caos – A glimmer of sensuality incorporated with a playful cuteness. The iconic bucket shapes tells the story of the split soul of the Seventies, with competing disco and folk impulses. The black quilted FURLA Caos channels the atmosphere of the nightclubs of London and Berlin while the soft pastel colors of the furry FURLA Caos evoke memories of the free-loving world of hippie culture.
FURLA Hashtag – Sophisticated practicality. The Eighties introduced provocative styles, which FURLA Hashtag mirrors in its rounded lines, unpredictable square sides of the flap, three-dimensional colors and textures and modest dimensions.
FURLA Meme and Dafne pay homage to the Ninetines and the new Millennium respectively, which draws inspiration from the rich history of femininity and its struggles to reach its iron-clad status in the current age.
FURLA Store Locations:
ION Orchard
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #03-26 S(238801)
Tel No.: 6509 8662
Address: 290 Orchard Road, #02-38 S(238859)
Tel No.: 6735 8313
Raffles City
Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #01-06 S(179103)
Tel No.: 6338 1382
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Address: 391A Orchard Road, Level 2, S(238873)
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Canal Level, #B2-108A, S(018972)
Tel No.: 6688 7120
Address: 1 HabourFront Walk, #01-191, S(098585)
Tel No.: 6376 8362

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