A Mist-tifying Beauty: ALBION Introduces the Revolutionary Beauty Mist Treatment

beauty mist
ALBION's new Beauty Mist treatment promises to transform and revitalize all skin types for visibly healthier and more radiant skin in just one session!
The unique, intensive in-store skin therapy treatment utilises state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Atomiser to generate hot and cool nano-sized steam mists from exclusive super soft, natural hot spring water imported from Japan.
Unsurpassed in therapeutic benefits, the natural spring water nano-molecular motion amplifies ALBION’s skincare potencies like never before, producing immediate, visible improvement deep into all skin layers from just one therapy session.
Marvel as warm jets of nano-fine mist deeply and gently purifies your skin. With its unique molecular motion, the specially activated hot spring waters dramatically softens the outer layer of the skin and amplifies skin detoxification, eradicating deep ingrained cellular debris, sebum and comedones.
Next, relish deep soothing sensation as the Ultrasonic Atomiser switches to cool steam jets. As it loosens tight skin tissues, it raves up micro circulation to boost cell revitalisation. Active ingredients from ALBION’s skincare products are therefore powerfully infused deep below the skin’s surface as it deactivates oxidation and boosts cell metabolism.
Within a space of 20 minutes, you will notice a visibly more radiant and refined texture - lavishing hydrated, soft, smooth and plump skin.
Exclusively at ALBION, Metro Centrepoint, Level 1, Tel: 6235 3978 from 16 Feb 2017. By appointment only.

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