Chicago Spa Uses Breast Milk for Facials

breast milk facial
How far would you go to achieve the pefect, glowing complexion? Some people have resorted to applying snail slime, nightingale feces, and even their own blood on their faces in the pursuit for flawless skin. The latest facial fad involves slathering someone else's BREAST MILK on your face.
Mud Facial Bar is a spa in Chicago that festures several $40 facials on its menu, but the one that stand out the most is the breast milk facial at an additional charge of $10. The milk is mixed with white clay so that it can be applied as a mask. The unique treatment can supposedly make your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Mud founder Shama Patel said that she was inspired to start the facial service when she came to know that moms themselves use their own breast milk to treat skin conditions. “There are so many mommy blogs out there that talk about using breast milk to basically help with skin conditions,” she said. “I always want to think outside the box. I really wanted to come up with something that is quick, effective, that appealed to the urban city girl.”
Patel said that she buys breast milk from local mothers who are registered with a certified milk bank. The bank is responsible for medically screening the donor moms and notifying them that their milk will be used in a spa.
Breast milk facials sound like a crazy, passing fad, but according to Elina Fedotova, founder of the Association of Hokistic Skin Care Practitioners, the idea does have some merit. “Breast milk exists to protect the baby, to stimulate the baby’s immune system, so it has anti-bacterial, anti-septic properties,” she explained.
So if you're a mum and you have some spare breast milk lying around, you could always use it as a cheap alternative to treat yourself. After all, it's your own breast milk, so you won't feel too grossed out about it.
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Information Source: Oddity Central
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