Flora Fashion: Magnificent Dress Made Entirely of Flowers

Flora Fashion: Magnificent Dress Made Entirely of Flowers
The fragrant scent of blooming bouquets and the gentle rustling of leaves emanate off the lady decked from head to toe in an incredible dress made entirely out of flowers and foliage. Looking like she just stepped out of a page in a fairytale book, Boss Model Eleanor Davies worked the garden dress at the opening of this year’s Dig the City festival in Manchester, England.
Avant-garde fashion is mostly disturbing and disgusting like the men’s chest hair coat and hairy stockings. But the avant-garde fashion world finally got it right this time round with the whimsical dress construed of live flora.
The dress was constructed by the talented Lisa Dickinson, owner of Manchester florist Venus Flowers together with her team of four florists. The task was presented by the organizers of Dig the City, Manchester’s urban gardening festival. Initially, Lisa felt daunted by the complexity of creating such a unique garment, but found herself loving the planning and execution of it later on.
“I must admit, when we got the brief to make the dress I was a little daunted about how to put it all together—but once we got started on the planning it was really liberating and hugely fun. It really stretching the boundaries of floristry, and it is thrilling to think creatively. You see the potential of flowers in another light,” Lisa said. “Dig the City is such a great event for Manchester, the whole city; residents, businesses and shops should flower up – a greener city is something we can all get behind.”
The magical dress that took over a week to be brought into creation featured a few varieties of fresh purple flowers and fake purple butterflies intricately woven into a bed of green foliage. “The challenge was to keep the dress looking fresh for as long as possible, the trick to making the dress endure was to use flowers that wouldn’t wither and die after a few hours, so I made the full skirt of the dress out of wax flowers—which is a really tough shrub—but with delicate sprays of flower heads,” Lisa explained.
The dress was unveiled to much ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s in the festival’s temporary forest in Exchange Square where it showcased 16 different species of fully mature trees. Dig the City is a large-scale, nine-day event that attracts nature-lovers and people with green thumbs, featuring talks by celebrity TV gardeners, attractions such as an artisan food market, art installations, craft and horticultural markets.
Though I might not be a nature-lover nor do I have a penchant for gardening, I have to admit that this dress is absolutely lovely in all its flowery splendour. It makes a perfect dress for rich brides to wear to their garden weddings. It will take everyone’s breaths away. The only downside about making a wedding dress like this is that you won’t be able to keep it as an heirloom.
Information Source: Manchester Gazette

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