Makeup Brushes

There are really so many makeup brushes, be it brands, types and designs, it could be overwhelming for a beginner to decide which are the essentials and what is good to add to our collection. But using the right brushes will make all the difference on your face and save you on unnecessary wastage of your makeup, so check out our basic list here and make sure you use the correct ones.

For the Face

No surprise the blusher or the bronzer brush is an essential brush for the face. Just that alone there's already many different types. You use a soft powder brush with long bristles for your cheekbone on top of a the foundation.

But as always, there's specialized tools for certain tasks. There's also the foundation stippling brush which ensures a better blend with a broad but flat end. You could also use this to create a more natural highlight to your cheekbones.

For the Eyes

A flat stiff brush is one of the essentials: it colours your eyelids and keeps your eye shadow there.

And here's the additions: if you are using your eyeshadow as your eyeliner, you may then use the tip of a stiff domed brush to better smudge it out a little for the natural look. Apply more pressure and you feather out a smokey eye effect. On the other hand, the soft domed brush helps in blending and is great to making the concealer less obvious.

There's also the angled brow brush or pencil brush, which has a sharper edge, to add definition and drama to your eye.

Now, the bent liner brush. This brush looks damaged but it is bent for a reason. For those who are really bad at applying the eyeliner, especially the troublesome tough gel one, this might be for you. Without having to avoid your lashes, you can reach the edges of your eye lid and easily lead it out to the now popular bat-winged eye.

For the Lips

Lastly, using a lip brush not only minimize wastage of your product but also helps in precisely shaping your lips.

In General

The brush material you choose matters. Natural hair brushes are best for dry products and synthetic brushes are good for gel and other liquid products. Regardless, go for quality. You don't want to hurt your face with bad bristles. People with sensitive skin would want to get organic brushes too. Depending on the size of your face too, you would have to get brushes of the right size.

Brushes can be extremely expensive so you will want to keep them clean. Invest in a brush cleaner or wash them with just a bit of shampoo. Also, dry them flat on a towel. Having them stand might ruin the bristles.

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