How to Look Awake

How_to_Look_AwakeEven the most boring person has to sleep late and wake up early the next day, usually for work or special occasions. But no one wants to wake up looking like they need another eight hours or more. So here are some tips to look as fresh as you can for that important meeting you have to be separated from your bed for.

The Basics

You know all these: drink more water and stay away from alcohol, especially if you already know that you are going to sleep late and wake up early.

Before Sleep

Get a good pillow that elevates your head, but before you do that endure for a few minutes before you hit your bed and put on your moisturizer. For the strong-willed, if you can, use your eye cream or eye masks before you turn in. Keep them in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes – not always lest they harden and do more harm instead. And before you apply the cream or put on the mask, give the area around your eyes a soft, gentle massage. Dehydrated skin makes you look more tired than you really are.

Waking Up

Splash cold water on your face the instant you wake up. Or if you can spare the time when you wake, soak a face cloth into a basin with iced cubes, wring it dry and place on your face for a nice, soothing minute or two to remove the puffiness. If your eyes are still aching, quickly pop by the pharmacy for some eyedrops instead of squinting or rubbing your eyes all the time.

Exercise. Be it a quick 20-minute jog or skipping some rope, exercise helps get the blood circulation going and you awake.

Avoid Makeup (if you can)

Your complexion loses that lustre and you might even get a break out for more severe cases. But rather than slapping a thick layer of make up to cover up for these, give your face a break. Simply put on a tinted sunscreen and moisturiser for a more rosy look. Forcing make up on may result in mask-like textures – not an effect you would want.

If you have an important meeting that morning, well, a light colored eyeliner – white or beige – on your lower eye line would help cover the puffy pink eyes real well. A touch of lip gloss will help add some colour too.

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