Wardrobe Essentials for the Working Girl

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Your work attire is not a uniform – unless, of course, your job actually provides a uniform. But as a fresh graduate with a tight budget, how do you dress frugally without looking shabby or the same all the time? The answer lies in getting the wardrobe essentials!

While this list does not cater specifically to every job out there, by mixing and matching the different items with various accessories, you will be saved from worrying about dressing up every morning!

1. Classic white shirt

The first item on the list is one thing all fashion bigwigs would agree on. However, the classic white shirt is not limited to the plain straight cut, white buttons style or look. While that would definitely be a safe choice, it would also be a boring one. Instead, go for the basic jazzed up with a little something extra such as interesting sleeve structures or jazzy buttons.

But looks aside, always make sure that your white shirt fits you perfectly. You don't want a shirt that threatens to burst every time you breathe, or one that makes you look like you got it off that fat homeless guy at the corner of the street.

2. Little Black Dress (LBDs)


I love my LBDs so much that I have three of them! While they are all basically black, there are so many designs for you to choose from that everyone should be able to find one that is of their style and suited for work.

Your safest bet would be a structured dress with a slightly flared skirt which cuts just above the knees, as well as with a clinched waist that will look flattering on all figures. On the other hand, a big no-no is one that hugs your body too tightly, or one that is too short and revealing for work.

3. Work skirt


No, they don't have to be a boring black A-line. Put on your classic white shirt and, for the bottoms, play with designs, patterns and materials such as tweed skirts, circle skirts (inspired by Mad Men) or a simple pencil cut to get you through the day without much fuss.

I can’t tell you what to buy, but I could tell you what not to buy. Stay away from skirts that are too tight, too flashy, too restrictive and of course, too short. Keep the mini bandage skirts for night-outs! There’s nothing professional about tugging at your tiny skirt as it rides up your thigh. At work, you would want to look as intelligent and reliable as possible; you never want to be seen as the girl who dresses up as if she's going to a party, even if it’s a Friday.

4. Blazer

Blazers can make almost any outfit look smart, be it pants, skirts or dresses. Don't be afraid to experiment with other colors than black. I wear my cream jacket to death. Cream is an amazingly easy color to match clothes with. Do give it a try!

4. Dress pants


These are my favorite. I've lost count of the number of times I’ve woken up late. My outfit is the last thing I want to worry about so I slip on a basic top and dress pants. They make you look groomed and professional without trying too hard.

A tip to buying dress pants: Find a brand that works for you. Don’t worry if you take a long time to find yours because when you do, you’ll be glad you took time to find it.

Now, get out and shop for these essentials during the Great Singapore Sale!

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